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were can i download a free book...

By im_a_beginner ·
hi good day to all. does anyone know were can i download a free book bout the A+ exams on the hardware and Operating exams.. the book cost here too high and we cant afford it. im a newly college graduate in computer science. and want to have a certification to have a job..

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The same place. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to were can i download a fr ... can download copyright infringed free music, I guess.




Seriously, however, you won't find a "free book" like you might find free music. But you could find a lot of study notes and tutorials.

Here's some links that will be helpful:

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Just do an Internet search, and you'll find plenty.

By the way, one book equals about....

...six six-packs.

...three visits to the theater.

...half-a-dozen cocktails at the bar. tank of gas. the cost of a single concert ticket.

Whether you admit it or not, you can afford a book.

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I can probably help you

by dbaggarly In reply to were can i download a fr ...

I may have some materials I don't need anymore that I could send you at no charge. Please email me at and we can talk. I have been in IT for 20 years and like to help someone get started when I can.

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have you

by Don_C In reply to were can i download a fr ...

Have your tried your locol libary

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