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Were does my file go?

By thedexman ·
Situation, I am on a network with shared folders, on one computer an employee puts a file on a shared folder. On another computer a different employee looks at the file and then deletes it. Here is the question were does that deleted file go, and how do you recover it?

Please let me know thank you.

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With NetWare 5 servers, Salvage it.

by Karla In reply to Were does my file go?

If you have a NetWare server, in NWAdmin, double click on the volume, then the directory where the file was (if the entire directory is deleted, just double click on the volume). From the menu, select Tools then Salvage. Select the file from the list. You can also do it from Windows explorer, navigate to the directory, right click, select Salvage.

I hope that helps.

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It vanishes...

by IT-Sage (bschirf) In reply to Were does my file go?

I believe that the default NT configuration states that any files deleted from a share are simply deleted. They do not go to anyone's recycle bin. Not the creators, not the deletors, and not the Server's local admin's bin either. The only things directed to the RecycleBin are "local" files.

We run W9x, WNT, and W2K clients on a NT domain and that's the default action for all of them.

But, we can also talk about the actual binary patterns on the HD that make up the file. These don't goanywhere. They are still on the HD platers, but are marked as free sectors. They can still be undeleted via any undelete tool as long as the system doesn't try to write a new file and simply overwrites those binary patterns.

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They Go poof

by radiic In reply to Were does my file go?

Heres the thing. When you browse an NT network and go to a shared folder you are only sending a remote procedure call to that machine to manipulate the file. Recycle bins only work on the workstation you are at. So when are browsing to a shared folder and delete the file, it just goes poof. That is why it is important to set security levels on your shares. The anwser to your second question is " So when was you last backup>?"

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