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We're so accessible, we're inaccessible!

By Jack-M ·
I had to travel recently and when I deplaned I looked for a driver sent for me.
The driver was carrying a sign with my name on it, but as I approached him I noticed that he was talking to himself, very animatedly. As I got closer, I realized he had one of those Bluetooth wireless phones clipped to his ear and was deep in conversation. I pointed at myself as the person he was supposed to meet. He nodded and went on talking to whomever was on the other end of his phone.
When my luggage arrived, I grabbed it off the belt; he pointed toward the exit and I followed, as he kept talking on his phone. When we got into the car, I said, ?Do you know my hotel?? He said, ?No.? I showed him the address, and he went back to talking on the phone.
After the car started to roll, I saw he had a movie playing on the screen in the dashboard ? on the flat panel that usually displays the G.P.S. road map. I noticed this because between his talking on the phone and the movie, I could barely concentrate. I, alas, was in the back seat trying to finish something on my laptop. When I wrote all that I could, I got out my iPod and listened to a Stevie Nicks album, while he went on talking, driving and watching the movie.
After I arrived at my hotel, I reflected on our trip: The driver and I had been together for an hour, and between the two of us we had been doing six different things. He was driving, talking on his phone and watching a video. I was riding, working on my laptop and listening to my iPod.
There was only one thing we never did: Talk to each other.
It?s a pity. He was a young, French-speaking African, who probably had a lot to tell me. When I related all this to my friend, an editor,he quipped: ?I guess the era of foreigners talking to taxi drivers is over. The taxi driver is now too busy.He's right. You know the old story, ?As my driver said to me about the upcoming elections ... ? Well, you can forget about that anymore. My driver was too busy to say hello, let alone opine on politics.
I relate all this because it illustrates something I?ve been feeling more and more lately ? that technology is dividing us as much as uniting us. Yes, technology can make the far feel near. But it can also make the near feel very far. For all I know, my driver was talking to his parents in Africa. How wonderful! But that meant the two of us wouldn?t talk at all. And we were sitting two feet from each other.
When I shared this story with a friend, a technologist who once labeled the disease of the Internet age ?continuous partial attention? ? two people doing six things, devoting only partial attention to each one ? she remarked: ?We?re so accessible, we?re inaccessible. We can?t find the off switch on our devices or on ourselves. ... We want to wear an iPod as much to listen to our own playlists as to block out the rest of the world and protect ourselves from all that noise. We are everywhere ? except where we actually are physically.?
Wassup with this?

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This is the one! Please use it.

by Jack-M In reply to We're so accessible, we'r ...

I mistakenly double posted this morning and can't find a way to delete the other post with the same title. Please ignore the other one and reply to this one.
I can find no way to contact Tech Republic either. **** of a way to run a railroad!

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by gadgetgirl In reply to This is the one! Please u ...

use the feedback envelope on the bottom of the page, or email Smorty, Jay or Doug - they may be able to get the duplicate pulled for you


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Hey Jack, easily fixed

by Deadly Ernest In reply to This is the one! Please u ...

Just go to the other thread, use the edit option and delete everything, replace it with something like "Error, don't read" as the title.

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That'll move that thread into the Hot Discussions category

by DMambo In reply to Hey Jack, easily fixed

Whenever anyone edits like that, people flock there. Some of the best threads get started like that!

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by Jack-M In reply to Hey Jack, easily fixed

What could be easier? Maybe a delete button or a remove button or edit to erase it all?
I tried edit and deleted everything and sshazam...back it came.

Thanks for the thought though.

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Hey Jack

by Tig2 In reply to Brilliant

I've noticed that the site has been a tad on the funky side today. So try this dodge... Go to the second post. Wipe out the title only and replace with "Duplicate Post". Remove the body of the original and replace it with a link to the correct discussion.

If you wiped out everything and did not replace with some kind of text, TR will ignore your edit.

There for awhile, we had members that hadn't yet filled out a member profile but wanted to add an avatar. What we discovered was that there has to be SOMETHING in each field in order to update the profile and add an avatar. I know it is on the list but don't know if it has been fixed yet. I think in general, TR doesn't accept posts with null values.

Hope you find this helpful!

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Absolutely right

by DMambo In reply to We're so accessible, we'r ...

-In meetings people are using their PDA's or laptops. (It looks like they're taking notes, but I suspect they're checking e-mail, etc.)

-At home and one kid is on the phone, one is chatting on-line (with 3 or 4 separate chat sessions) and one is watching TV.

-Parents at a school event holding out a cell phone so the other parent can hear a song featuring their kid.

-Car trip with each kid listening to his own music through headphones

Those are some typical examples of tuning out by tuning in that I've seen. I don't think that there's any turning back the clock. It's what we've become.

What do you think the long-range consequences will be?

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That's easy....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Absolutely right

the consequences have already started. Lack of communication.

Most kids I know don't really "talk" to their parents anymore - at least not in any meaningful way.

As for kids talking to other kids - have you heard them lately? Sheesh, every other word is a swear word. An eight year old in my street is absolutely incapable of saying one small sentence without swearing at least once - I proved it, I bet him he couldn't do it in the summer holidays...that reminds me, he still owes me a car wash.

Oh, and they also can't spell, either. There was something on UK news a while ago where they were going to change something on a website to text spelling to make it easier for the younger ones to understand....

And these are just some of the consequences we're getting now....short term.


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Shades of 'Ebonics'

by Jack-M In reply to That's easy....

Pretty soon we'll be teaching "text" in schools so the kids can communicate. By schools I mean teachers colleges so the teachers can understand the students.

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Let me think

by Jack-M In reply to Absolutely right

Long range consequences will be the end of life as we know it. Short term we'll be using electroni comm devices when we could easier use our voice. LOL

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