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"We're talking about getting these people to recognize reality."

By Absolutely ·
(classical conservative Andrew Sullivan, referring to neo-conservatives, especially President George Walker Bush and his Cabinet)

"The only way to get him (Bush) to recognize reality is to elevate somebody like Nancy Pelosi to Speaker of the House."

This interview was broadcast on the program "Now" on public television.

Transcripts are probably available at or near, but I mainly want to discuss what we believe the word "conservative" to mean.

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by tomart In reply to "We're talking about gett ...

Yes, the definition of Conservative has certainly changed; used to be it meant wise money-management, getting government out of peoples' lives, proper stewardship of our lands, etc.
Then we had a coup by radicals who spend like drunken sailors, give tax breaks to those who need it least, wage rediculous Culture Wars for political gain, invade other countries for political gain (and the OIL) and stubbornly pollute our Earth to line their pockets.
But I highly doubt they'll suddenly accept reality. Remember, they're mostly ideologues; reality is what they say it is, and their goals justify lying, cheating and stealing. I would not be surprised if, now that they're backed into a corner, we see just how low they can go.
Far from tempering their views and behavior, I suspect they see conspiracies and evil in the opposition party gaining some power back. They don't believe in democratic cooperation and compromise; they want total power, and I predict something dramatic to ensure they have it.
Call it a "November Surprise."

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Change of direction

by jterry In reply to "We're talking about gett ...

I am not a Democrat or Republican, I usually vote for whoever I think is best for the job. In this election I voted straight Democrat. Not that I think the Democrats are that much better but the Republicans have been in charge so long that they have become arrogant to the point that they don't have to listen to the poeple anymore. They think they know whats best andf we have to do it their way.

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