Western Digital external HDD not showing up in My Computer - any help?

By ObiWayneKenobi ·
I recently bought a Western Digital 160GB hard drive (the model number is something like WD1600JB). This morning I backed up some files as I was going to re-install Windows XP on my laptop. Now, when I plug it in I get a "Safely Remove Hardware" message, but the drive does not appear in My Computer and I cannot access it. The device appears in Device Manager. I've tried uninstalling the driver and then re-connecting it; Windows appears to detect it (launches the 'Found New Hardware' popup) but it still does not appear. I tried this on another computer and the same problem happened.

I just started experiencing this problem this afternoon - now, I had the drive plugged into the laptop when I was installing Windows, but I doubt that would cause a problem? I have a Maxtor hard drive as well that *is* recognized, but the WD one will not show up at all. I've run their diagnostic tool and it shows everything is working fine.

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by kuriakose.simon

im simon.iam having wd 250 GB hard drive.Yesterday onwards its not getting visible in my computer and i cannot access it.The device appeares in disk mannagement as an unalocatted 2047.35GB.I had done all the steps above mentioned.but i cant able to see change the driver name option when i press the right clic button.The light of the hard drive is on as usuall.what should i do next? pls help me.

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Most Likely

by w2ktechman In reply to Western Digital external ...

it needs a new drive letter. Try this,
go to control panel -- administraive tools -- computer management -- disk management

Find the drive and right click on it. select to change the drive letter

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That worked, but...

by ObiWayneKenobi In reply to Most Likely

Okay, that worked, but for some reason it said the disk wasn't formatted and needed to be, and that there was no data on it, so somewhere in the process I lost some semi-important files

At least it works again. Thanks!

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Most likely

by 1bn0 In reply to That worked, but...

Windows repartitioned the drive during installation.

NEVER leave an external drive connected to a machine while you are installaing the OS.

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Need help on WD drive installation

by 96f350 In reply to Most likely

Have a Dell Insiron 4600 on which the hard drive died. Purchased a Western Digital Caviar? Special Edition WD1600JB 160 GB ATA-100 and am trying to install. This is the only drive in the machine. When installing Windows, it asks for device driver in order to access the hard drive, but nothing came with the drive. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Wrong Information = wrong settings

by jack.greenky In reply to Need help on WD drive ins ...

A dell INSPIRON is a laptop. You do not have a laptop. You may have the jumpers wrong on the hard drive, or you may have an interface problem or cable hardware problem. Are you using a DELL install disk? Which version of Windows? What cable and which connector did you connect the drive to? All must be set up to match. When the drive died, it may have taken the drive controller with it. Try the drive in another computer. Check the Dell site for helpful instructions in replacing a hard drive, for your model.

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by cs In reply to Most likely

I left my WD ext hd plugged in during a reinstallation of the o/s. I have not reformatted it yet in hopes of data recovery. Are you saying that my data is already gone?

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It does not work for me

by mahesh_ys80 In reply to Most Likely

I have WD external drive 120gb (USB) . When i connect it to the system running winXP, it is getting recognized. But not showing in the my Computer. I tried the steps you mentioned but in the 'disk management', my external drive is not showing. Please help.
Thanks in advance!!

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same problem

by tom_360 In reply to It does not work for me

The device is present in Device Manager, listed under Disk drives.
The device is not present in My Computer and no in Disk Management (within Computer Management).

I can uninstall the device from Device Manager, and when I replug the usb back in, bubbles next to the clock come up:

Found new hardware - Disk drive

then a few second later:
New hardware installed and ready to use.

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See if this helps

by Jacky Howe In reply to same problem

Try rebooting the computer without any USB devices attached. Then plug in the USB drive, right click on My Computer, select manage, and then click ?Disk Management.? If the drive is not present in the Disk Management window or if you are not able to access it, then the drive may have failed. In this window you should see all of your connected physical drives, their format, if they are healthy, and the drive letter.
Change the drive letter of the drive. Right-click on the drive in the list, and from the resulting menu select "Change Drive Letters and Paths"
Click on Change so you can change the drive letter. Click Change.
Select a new drive letter from the drop down list, preferably the one that is not normally used for this drive. EG: U:
Click Yes on the confirmation screen and you are done.

<checking> This drive hasn't been used on a MAC has it.

Cross-platform Drive Solutions: Using Mac drives on Windows PCs

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still troubled

by tom_360 In reply to See if this helps

first, i've never hooked up the drive to any other computer except my PC.

With your instructions (TY) I got to disk management with the drive appearing as Disk1, though it took 5 minutes for the thing to load and appear.

When I attempt to assign a drive letter i get this message:

Logical Disk Manager
The operation did not complete because the partition is not enabled. To enable the partition or volume, restart the computer.

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