We've ran out of IP addresses!

By gutsco37 ·
Here is the scenario. Our current network is giving us 508 usuable IP addresses. About 150 of these are static. The rest are defined in a DHCP scope to be assigned to clients. The problem, DHCP is about out of IP addresses. There are no static addresses that can be freed up... Something else worth mentioning, our network is part of a very large global network that is managed by corporate headquarters. We've explained the problem to them and they gave us another subnet to utlize, which should give us another 254 usable IP addresses. Can I just define another scope within DHCP to assign these new ip addresses? How will DHCP know whether to supply IP addresses from the scope vs the scope? Here is another tidbit about this scenario, I configured a laptop with a static IP address in the new subnet with a gateway of and I was able to access my existing network. See all the servers etc. I assume corporate has already made some configuration changes in our router so that the two subnets can see each other. So again my question is: Can I just define a new scope in DHCP to assign IP addresses in this new subnet? When I run out of IP addresses in the old scope will DHCP just start assigning IP addresses from the new scope?

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