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what a mess! why me

By rrgilmore_2001 ·
I just got off of an assignment that made me ask, Why me what did I do to deserve this. I know I needed the money hey a job is a job.
for starters the office was a mess it looked like the guy never cleaned it ever.
Your asking what happened to the systems admin who I took over for as a temp untill they found someone they could hire and not pay a head hunter.
He got fired for being untrainable or stupid.
hey lets just paist documents,folders,and install applications where ever on the PDC and BDC.
has anyone gone thought this ? the sever where like a users c:\my documents folder everything just dumped there. the right way is to make folders and place document of files into the corasponding folder not this clown. It took a little over 2 weeks to sortout the servers.
Documentation my god I had to go arrountd to every desk and phisicaly look to find out what who had. Your thinking track it/t.s census well they still have to have a persons imput and if you are not compitent in the first place it will do not good.
I wrote this woundering if any of you have had the plesure of cleaning up someone eles mess?

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The small businesses and their messes

by M.conlon In reply to what a mess! why me

What size is this company? I know that when I started where I am now, the company was about 28 people, and had trippled within a year. The systems admin at the time was a guy with no schooling who had learned everything by screwing it up, and tryingto fix it with tech support on the phone. They didn't have a "Server" per say. It was basically a workgroup, with A/B switches from one computer to another to the printers... Once he figured out how to make a Server, one of the old workstations became the server. Then, when the server was upgraded, the old server became a workstation again.

A lot of the time, mess can be substituted for order, just simply in the interest of saving money. (Now, that's saving money short term. Long term it's suicide.)

I'm sure that you understand as well as anyone else that to someone who knows NOTHING, (and I say nothing in caps to illustrate that it is in face NOTHING.) about comptuers or networking, the "right" methods seem to cost too much money.

In answer to your question, yes, I've had to clean up someone else's mess. We had an email server running win98, and pdc running nt4, and workstations running a mixture of all those and win95.

My best advice is to keep very accurate documentation of what you did. Before you came, while, and after, so that you can show how much things have changed for the better since you showed up. (I did this for you, and you're saving...etc.)

Cleaning someone else's mess can be the best experienceand, can be the best bargaining chip for more money.

Which isn't to say it isn't a pain in the back side.

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