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What a nightmare!

By AllyRose ·
Okay, so I don't really work in IT per say; I'm an administrative assistant for an educational non-profit. However, we do not have the budget for an IT person, so if it's something I have knowledge in (I'm a geek at heart, just no degree), I'm the one who is called upon. I subscribe to TechRepublic mainly to solve problems that arise in our small office. However, when we have a need that I don't feel comfortable tackling, we call in the technology director from one of our member schools and pay him by the hour (he?s not cheap).

To start off, I just want to say that I am in no way bashing IT personnel. I just wanted to share this experience with you. I could hardly believe it myself.

So, we need a new HD installed in our server. A pretty simple task from what my research shows, but I didn't want to risk screwing anything up since I had never done it before, so we called him in. He comes Monday evening to copy all our data from the soon to be outgoing HD to our external HD used for backup. This takes a while, so he says he'll be back the next day to install the new HD and transfer all the data over to it. He ends up coming in Wednesday afternoon. We all log off the server so he can do his job; he does it, says he's finished and leaves. This morning comes along, we come in, a co-worker goes to pull up a document she has been working on only to find it is no longer there. As I start looking at our network drive, I notice that more than just a few things are missing!

So we call "the guy" to let him know that half our files are gone. I go to our server to see if I can find the missing items, which I do, they're still on the external HD. He didn't transfer them over. So he comes in and I show him what needs to be copied over. Now, my co-worker cannot find her files she had been working on for the last two days. "The Guy" has a class to teach, so he leaves, telling me a few places to look for these missing things, saying that he did a backup the day before and that they should be there.

Well, to no surprise they're not. He completely forgot to do the backup immediately before he installed the HD. It's an honest mistake, but one he absolutely wouldn't own up to, and lied to try to cover this up. So I call him to tell him not to wipe the hard drive that he removed, since that is where the missing files lie. He says he left it on the server cart, but we will have to hook it back up to retrieve the data. I could tell by the tone of his voice, this is something he's not willing to do. We hang up and I go to take another look at our server and find the old HD. It is sitting on the middle shelf of the cart with the keyboard, mouse and our external HD. I pick it up to move it, and water runs out into my hand and down my arm. I immediately look up to the ceiling, thinking its another air conditioner leak, but no water there. I start running to the break room to get towels to wipe it down and it dawned on me. "The guy" had asked my co-worker for a glass of water before he went to work on the server, and took it with him into the server room. I come back with paper towels to discover a large puddle covering almost the entire cart shelf. I move everything to the floor and dry it off. Looking down on the lowest cart shelf, another huge puddle almost reaching our backup power source. I am in shock at this point. Not only did he screw up transferring our data to the new HD, he spilled water all over the cart on which the server (and its accessories) sit and didn?t say a damn word about it, nor even attempt to clean it up! He could have fried the whole thing! I informed my supervisor of what had transpired and needless to say, that was his last call from us!

Have any of you ever encountered such incompetence in your time working in IT? How do you avoid hiring someone like this?

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by Jaqui In reply to What a nightmare!

that is what happens when the "business schools" churn out "graduates" in a three month cycle.

There are only two real options to avoid this type of issue:

1) is to have someone in the office, on the company payroll who can handle the job, or be out of a job.

2) make sure that the person you are contracting the work out to has several years experience, like contract with the older guys.

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Or better yet...

by cupcake In reply to unfortunately

Invest in training, education and a promotion for you, since
you seem on the edge of being qualified and just need some
additional training.

At least you'd give a sh!t...

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You just might be right!

by AllyRose In reply to Or better yet...

I wonder if my boss might go for that? I may just see about some certification courses at our local college. ****, maybe I can get the company to cover the costs as well!
Thanks Cupcake!

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And than you woke up ?

by highlander718 In reply to What a nightmare!

At least that is what I was expecting in the end :-)

This really sounds unreal ..

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