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what a perfect loss of valuable time !!!

By daniel.gingras ·
here i am thinking that this is a serious I.T. Site a i stuble on this article... please keep it professional, there's facebook and twitter and wikihow for articles like this.

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there is more to the site

by PurpleSkys In reply to what a perfect loss of va ...

than just the discussion forum ..there are blogs and white paper articles and a wealth of information if you take the time to look. although, i notice you have been a member for a you just not like the newer format?

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What article?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to what a perfect loss of va ...

You started a new discussion instead of replying to the article you reference. It's difficult for the rest of us to tell what you didn't like.

Don't base an impression of any publication on a single article. There's more to the Sunday paper than 'Family Circus'.

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I have to ask as well What Article?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to what a perfect loss of va ...

Or was it even an article or a post by someone who is attempting to make money from the site against the rules?

With Public Sites it's Impossible to stop anyone posting whatever they like when they like and how they like. It's left to after to get cleaned up and works well except for the times that the Armatures hit the site with their own ends as their means to their end.

However this Page may prove useful to you.


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the article was about making a full size stormtrooper looking CAKE !!!

by daniel.gingras In reply to I have to ask as well Wha ...

the article was about making a full size stormtrooper looking CAKE !!!

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Ah, most likely in the 'Geekend' blog - EDITED

by CharlieSpencer In reply to the article was about mak ...

I suspect you tripped over an article in the 'Geekend' blog.

There are over a dozen major blogs here, most of them on technical subjects. There are a couple on management and careers, and one on 'geeky' topics (stormtrooper cakes, best Star Trek episodes, geeky trivia contests, books and movies, etc). You hit the one non-tech blog amidst the dozen.

Try this:

and click the 'Blog Roll' tab, below and toward the right of the 'Most Shared' statistics. I'm sure you'll find something worth your time there.

EDITED - Okay, I've figued out how you pulled up a stormtrooper cake. You hit a link to an advertisement, dude. That's not site content.

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