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What about QoS over public Internet?

By skywalker80 ·
I heard that Ipv6 will make bound of two worlds - flexibility of datagram subnet (Internet) and quaranty of quality that provide virtual circuit subnet. Is this true? Will this (at least technicaly)in future can provide QoS over public Internet even for business critical aplications? Or if not IPv6, which factor can affect that it future Internet can become primary network platform for business critical aplications?

Or you think that it is not only technical factors, but economically and politically, because with this solution a large service providers will lose huge profits that
they realize by providing services such as MPLS

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Quite the opposite: service providers want QOS

by robo_dev In reply to What about QoS over publi ...

they hate the fact that everyday users hog bandwidth with P2P apps while not paying more for that. The whole concept of a 'two tier internet' is coming, like it or not.

Net Neutrality is a quaint notion that does not stand a chance.

I expect there will be well defined QOS, and those who pay less will be in the 'slow lane' and those who pay more will get higher priority.

The whole question of the Internet as a network platform for critical business apps all hinges on both security controls as well as what level of availability ISPs can deliver.

It all goes back to the two-tier Internet question...building Intranet services to provide 99.999% uptime is very costly, and not really a requirement for your average $40/month residential web surfer.

Where you host servers and applications is dictated by cost and business requirements. If a provider like Google can provide hosted services, and the Internet can provide the appropriate bandwidth, then the glue that holds this equation together is security.

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what about QoS without service providers?

by skywalker80 In reply to Quite the opposite: servi ...

Thanks guys, however, it seems that I'm not well concipe the question. I understand that the Internet provider is in the interest to be also QoS Internet provider, as this is one of the new service that provider will offer, and make additional profit. But when I thought the QoS over the Internet, I thought of the possibility that,for example, one company (eg bussines Bank) that wants to create connection with their offices around the world (via Internet) can create a VPN network via the Internet, which will provide QoS for its bussines critical aplications, but not using QoS that end-to-end providers offers (can bypass providers QoS service) ,only using the Internet connection service from his local provider, the creation and maintenance of the end-to-end tunnel will be controled by that Bank.So my question is, can some bussines entity create and maintenance VPN tunel (with QoS for it's need)over Internet only using Internet connection from his local provider?

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Same as QoS over say a public road

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to What about QoS over publi ...

not possible.

Thats why some countries built toll roads to provide a level of QoS for those willing to pay.

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