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What action could be taken to improve your performance in your current job?

By barodian_da_dude ·
Hi all,

We have been answering the questions on why we hate or love our jobs or how to maintain jobs or how to improve other employees while on job like questions so I thought to start this kind of discussion on which we personally can think ourselves what we need to improve in ourselves.

1). I think I need to be provided some work load to improve my self and my knowledge.... haha as I am tired and bored sitting in my cabin doing nothing 5 hours except chatting with others.

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air conditioning

by john.a.wills In reply to What action could be take ...

Actually, we have air conditioning, but it's not good enough to exclude something that sometimes makes me very drowsy.

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Google Friday

by jsargent In reply to What action could be take ...

Seeing as we are in a recession it would be a good to have Google Fridays. They used to say that on Fridays, Google programmers had that day to do any pet project they wanted. In a recession, many companies are ticking over, so why not give your employees a free day of the week to do small projects that add value to the company but on their own initiative.

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