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What after MCA from IGNOU?

By priyankaa ·
I have completed my MCA from ignou this year.. What to do now. Software companies ask for experience and from where to get the experience when they do not even consider IGNOU students. I feel as if i have finished my self after doing MCA from IGNOU its not that i didn't got admission anywhere else it was just because of financila problem i joined IGNOu please somebody please tell me what to do now??

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You've got to begin again from the bottom ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to What after MCA from IGNOU ...

If you chose to study with Indira Gandhi National Open University, that was your choice and your choice alone. I find it slightly odd that you didn't know until after finishing the course that you might find it difficult using your IGNOU qualification.

However, no matter where you had studied / qualified, the only thing your qualification proves is that you can study, you can learn, and you can pass an exam at the end of it.

Now you have to start all over again and prove that you can work for a living, that you can interact with other work colleagues, that you can be relied upon to work under pressure, and that you can justify a salary payment at the end of each month by producing profitable work content for your employer.

Put simply, lower your sights and apply for a lesser position where a Company can get a 'bargain' based on your level of training. Promotion is something that you EARN - you don't get the instant promoted position just because you've passed an exam.

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