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What am i doing wrong??

By Magedco ·
Dear sir:

I have a small network which consist of 5 pc's..4 pcs act as clients
and 1 act as a's an application server actually..all pc's had
win98 second edition installed..and no fixed setting performed..i left
all to the DHCP...i made a 3 network drives on the server each network
drive contains a part of the main application that i use in my's an application for media designing and advertising..all pc's run
this program from the server directly...but all of a sudden ...i found
that one the client pc's lost the connection to this server
completely...but in the sametime..the server can see this pc on it's list
still...also i found another pc which can see the server very well and the
server can see it too...but when i try to run the application from the
server i got an erorr message and i found my program clean like i just
installed it...although it's full of database that we created it in a long the sametime there is another pc which still can access the
server perfectly and run the program from there...and it had the same
confirguration that the infected pc's had...i hope that u can tell me what
can i do...and how to troubleshoot this problem..i assume that it'sa
software problem .but i wanted to ask u first before i make anything and
destroy my data...thanks for advance.....

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Likely Network Config

by eBob In reply to What am i doing wrong??

At least, that's my guess.

Does your server have a fixed network address? I think it should. Just exclude it from your DHCP scope.

Can you access the application while sitting at your server? How do things look from that perspective?

It mayalso be that somebody else has come along and "frigged" with the client PCs. Perhaps the application got "re-installed", and/or network config got changed...(just guessing, there).

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Basic Troubleshooting

by chris In reply to What am i doing wrong??

I'm sure you have considered this . . . but we have found that if a network configuration worked at one time and then has gone bad . . . recheck all your configurations in all systems. They do become corrupt from time to time. Make sure you can pingeach of your IP's or nic cards and run self-diagnostics on the NICs if you have the application. Uninstall and reinstall network protocals.

Good luck

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