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What am I missin? Win 2k DHCP w/ Win NT

By michael.burgess ·

I have DHCP on a Windows 2000 Server. I have Windows 98 and Windows 2000/XP machines working fine from this DHCP server. My problem is with any Windows NT machines the DHCP server will not assign them(the NT Machines) a gateway. Thus, none of my NT machines are working with DHCP.

Additional INFO:
MY PDC is Windows NT
All machines work except Windows NT Machines

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by BFilmFan In reply to What am I missin? Win 2k ...

From where I have seen this in the past, it's been:

NT OS that wants gateways on the local subnet.

DHCP server is not correctly listed in WINS.

DHCP server doesn't have a listing for the WINS server.

DHCP scope is missing configuration details, such as Options 003 (Router),006 (DNS Server), 015 (DNS domain name), 044 (WINS), 046 (WINS node type) which is generally 0x8, which should ALL be set in the server options, but check it anyway.

Network switches that are acting up.

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by razz2 In reply to What am I missin? Win 2k ...

This is a good one. I would be curious to know the LAN layout. I would of course check everything BFilmFan said, but I doubt the WINS part would cause this symptom. DHCP is a broadcast request. If you have any router involved then you need one that supports BOOTP or a relay agent. (You knew that but I am having fun typing)

A few questions:

Using ipconfig does it appear you are getting everything but the gateway, or nothing?

What happens if you manually try to ipconfig /release then /renew?


Also what options are configured?

I would try a DHCP reservation and see what happens.

Good Luck,


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by wdeklerk In reply to What am I missin? Win 2k ...
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by michael.burgess In reply to

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by michael.burgess In reply to What am I missin? Win 2k ...

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