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What Am i Missing

By koreywinslow ·
Ive been trying to get into the Information Systems Department here at bjc for over a year now and I cant seem to get in. The interviews go great and everyone says im really likable. I work really hard and im always trying to improve what proccesses ive done or whats already inplace. In the past 2 years in my current position, Ive done Devlopment,Implementation, Quality Assurance, Proccess Diagraming, Desktop Support, Data Analysis, and Windows Script Hosting. And I have experience in all these languages and scripting.
(C++, HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, Visual Basic.Net, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, Visual Basic for Applications, SQL, Java, Crystal Reports Programming, Windows Script Hosting, and Visual Basic Scripting)
So why cant I get in. Is it because Ive only been out of school for 2 years? Or am I missing somthing. Could someone help me out here?

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"Ah, the innocence of youth" . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to What Am i Missing

Your best source of information as to why you have been unsuccessful so far, is the interview board that you have attended.

It is not unheard-of for you to inquire as to why you have not been picked.

Have you ever given ANY thought to the fact that, as you have already pointed out you are only 2 years out of school, that some of the other candidates may have a much longer track-record than you.

You have to understand that there is no substitute for experience, but your continued history of applying will not go unnoticed, I am sure of that.

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Did you ask them?

by JamesRL In reply to What Am i Missing

You should. They might tell you.

I've done this - I was second out of 500 candidates, and so I was curious. They did give me some good feedback.


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