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What and WHY CCNA

By jordanspcrepair ·

I have question. Is a CCNA worth getting?? I am enrolled in a free class at one of the local votechs that offers HP IT Essentials 1 and 2, and CCNA 1-4. I am in my second year at the votech. I am currently in the process of getting A+ certified and i might get CCNA, but i want opinions and advice on CCNA and how CCNA will benefit my future.

thanks for any advice.

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Market value

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to What and WHY CCNA

Based on my experience the CCNA is one of the more respected certs out there and is definitly worth getting if you're planning to get seriously into networking. It's on my "to get" list once I get done with the certs my employeer insists on training me and paying for.

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CCNA -- reply

by skyler_derf12 In reply to What and WHY CCNA

Well, like you, im enrolled on CCNA class...
This will help a lot to those starters..
These are the basic and step by step procedure in networking..

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I encourage u to finish CCNA

by TG.RESURRECTION In reply to CCNA -- reply

U will be shocked at the amount of knowledge u can get just from doing CCNA. U'll even think "Oh if i can get such knowledge from CCNA what more CCNP and other Cisco certs" Take a network administrator with a cisco certification and another without a cisco certification and I bet that the non-cisco administrator is no match. Go ahead and do CCNA and u'll never regret.

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You bet it is worth it!

by buz_m In reply to What and WHY CCNA

I attended an area Vo-Tech (Now called Career Tech) in 2000- I was the first person to sign up for the CCNA course. My visiting daughter did so as well... we managed to go through CCNA 1-4 from Jan-May, WHEW! Not easy! But... immediately upon graduating we were hired by a large Telecom Industry as Network Engineers!

About a month after completing the Academy and a lot of practice test we passed the CCNA Exam (it took me two attempts)

I then changed companies to work directly with Cisco Routers and did so for a number of years traveling all over the country----LOVING every single minute! As time passed and life changed I eventually came to today where I am full circle as Cisco Networking Academy Instructor! I preach loud & clear having your CCNA (A+, Network+, Security+, Unix+... any and all the certifications you can possibly EARN- as they are NOT easy to come by) can and will make a positive difference in your Life!

Good Luck to you... remember... everything is hard until you learn it....then it's really easy, so--- Keep practicing & studying... you can & will make it!!!

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wonderful thoughts

by i_m_prkhaash In reply to You bet it is worth it!

good to see your message..
i am also doing ccna .. this message motivated a lot....

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by IC-IT In reply to What and WHY CCNA

I won't repeat the good advice and experiences that the others have related.
Just wanted to add that should you decide not to get the cert, the knowledge in and of itself is very worthwhile.

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