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What Anti-virus do you use?

By no1trini ·
Hi, I'm now setting up my network and doing some research on anti-virus software to deploy. I've used MCAffee EPO and that worked fine in my former place of employ, but I used Panda at home which also worked fine. More and more i'm seeing Panda being rated above the traditional Norton, McAffee.

Does anyone out there use Panda Security suite and could comment on its performance? What anti-virus do you use and why?


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AVG at home, Trend Micro at work...

by TomSal In reply to What Anti-virus do you us ...

Right now I'm using AVG at home with great results, at work we use Server Protect (for the servers) and Office Scan Corporate Edition for the desktops, both products are from Trend Micro.

Our firewall has its own separate anti-virus engine, but I forget what technology that is based on.

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I once used AVG

by no1trini In reply to AVG at home, Trend Micro ...

I once used AVG and thought it was a pretty good until my system got infected. AVG was saying that my mail was virus free on my home system, but when I imported the same mail at the office Norton found viruses in the mail I was receiving. So after scan my home pc using Panda I realised that AVG was allowing a number of viruses into my system. Since then I stopped using AVG.

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No matter how many times...

by house In reply to What Anti-virus do you us ...

I try another piece of software, I always go back to Symantec products. NAV 2005 is what I am currently running.

I've given fair trial to Trend, McAfee, Panda, and AVG... I always end up with NAV.

Of the alternatives, Panda's Titanium was pretty solid, as was Trend, but I missed my NAV. NAV is like family to me.

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by Black Panther In reply to What Anti-virus do you us ...

Swapped from NAV to AVG

Why? AVG is Free and NAV was very resource hungry... although I recommend NAV to less experienced users.

Use Sygate Personal Firewall ( also FREE )

and Adware ( also FREE )

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by doug m. In reply to AVG

whenever something is free, I'm always reminded of the saying "you get what you pay for."

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avg - scan all files

by pgscott In reply to AVG

McAffee and Avg both default to scanning only executables. You must go in and set the resident, complete scan and scheduled scan to "all files".

AVG is autoupdating and free, and I've never found a virus on any of my client machines IF they keep up with replacement versions when notified and IF we fix it to do all files. Just wish they'd fix the default to all files, but they won't respond to emails unsolicited for suggestions.

NAV is the simplest, autoupdating, high rate of success - It is my first love, but if there are problems with expired/renewal or switching between versions (eg. Norton Internet Security, Personal Firewall, Antivirus) and something goes wrong, I have spent HOURS HOURS trying to go through methods of removing, RNAV-RNIS etc and on the phone with NAV after reading all the online suggestions, removing directories manually, cleaning registry by hand and STILL fail to get it reinstalled.

So if I start having uninstall/reinstall issues, I have been turning to AVG with great relief.

McAffee has failed too many "IN THE WILD" awards for me to trust it. Norton's been passing those tests without fail since 1999. AVG is passing recently though it is not as "old" as NAV in longevity.

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by doug m. In reply to avg - scan all files

Perhaps I will give AVG another try. I didn't take the time to fully work with it and learn more about it. I had a nasty infection with the "coolwebsearch" virus. Nothing seemed to fix it, even that CWShredder everyone advised me to use. I eventually rebuilt the PC from scratch.

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Not a vote for....

by Roger99a In reply to What Anti-virus do you us ...

We use Symantec Corporate. It's pretty good at the server level, has a spam and virus mail gateway that is good at viruses and OK with spam. Updates are available almost daily if you want to update manually but the auto-update lags a few days. I also have some client systems that seem to get the same virus everyday. My rep says comprehensive spyware protection is coming in April with the new version. It's supposed to have spyware removal included.

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by doug m. In reply to What Anti-virus do you us ...

At work we use NAV Corp. edition and at home I use NAV 2005. I've tried others like McAfee and PCcillin, AVG, but I have really come to like and trust NAV the most.

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by ccthompson In reply to What Anti-virus do you us ...

I have tried many things, I believe Sophos is the king of Anti-Virus. It is a little more pricy though. But its the only software that runs all the time, that also doesnt bog down your system like Norton Auto-Protect. Sophos runs in the background, and you dont even notice it until something gets in there and BOOM!!!! it lets you know it has taken care of the probelm.

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