What antiviurs will work

By adminmichael ·
Hi i just setup a home server--- OS is Microsoft Windows Server 2000 and i need to get an antivirus on it i currently use Microsoft Security Essentials Because its one of the best antivirus software out there that i have found but is also free. I tried to install security essentails on it but it says not a vaild win 32 program how can i get around that or is there another antivuris software that is free but aslo good to use on a windows server 2000

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you could try this

by PurpleSkys In reply to What antiviurs will work

it's a free trial, but if you like it, it may be worth the purchase. We've used it before, but now we just run avast free for home

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Very High Risk

by TheChas In reply to What antiviurs will work

Personally, there is no need for anti-virus software on this system as it should NEVER be connected to a network with an Internet connection.

Just because Microsoft does not issues patches for Windows 2000 anymore does NOT imply that the OS is safe from attack. Much the opposite. Many of the holes being patched in Windows XP and even Windows 7 can and are open security concerns with Windows 2000.

If you need to connect this system to the Internet, your first choice should be a newer OS. be it a version of Linux or one of the Windows server 2008 versions. Even Windows Server 2003 would be a better option.

Alternately, you could place a hardware (appliance) firewall between this system and the Internet. But, you must lock the ports down pretty tight to protect this computer.


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Reponse To Answer

by adminmichael In reply to Very High Risk

Yes i have a firewall at my house PFSENCE i keep everything locked down pretty tight... like i cant even remote in from work.

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by travis In reply to What antiviurs will work

Hey AdminMichael-

ESET (while not free) is a great AV, I've had no complaints from either my customers or my technicians. Seems to work with everything with little to no maintenance required other than the typical monthly / yearly checkups.

Hope that helps.

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One Other Thought

by TheChas In reply to What antiviurs will work

Unless you are trying to install the 64 bit version of Security Essentials, you should not be getting the not a win 32 program error.

Make sure that you have installed:
Windows 2000 Service Pack 4
Update rollup 1 for Windows 2000 service pack 4
And, Windows installer for Windows 2000.
I believe that IE 6 SP2 is the newest version of IE that will run on Windows 2000. You should install that too.

I know that Sophos Anti-Virus does run on Windows 2000 systems.


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Reponse To Answer

by adminmichael In reply to One Other Thought

Yes i have all the updates.... still seem to get that error. ill take a look at sophos anti virus

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MS-Essentials won't install on a Win Server

by kstevedahl In reply to What antiviurs will work

Hi, I've found that since Microsoft introduced their Forefront Endpoint Protection antivirus software, that Security Essentials will not install on their server platforms anylonger. Have you tried AVG's free version to see if it will run on your Windows Server 2000. What are your requirements for this home server? Would setting up an XP-Pro with shared drives satisfy your needs or there are a number of decent free server solutions out there like

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Reponse To Answer

by adminmichael In reply to MS-Essentials won't insta ...

No setting up that wount work might for a print server but i like to beable to lock things down for users at my house... I like to be able to have just a simple connect to a domain controller and then beable to logon to any pc with out having to create the users on each pc like i was doing before with my 8 computers... I can try to use AVG and see what happens.

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Try 1yr license of AV product for free - TrustPort game

by wwizzarrd In reply to What antiviurs will work

What AV does work? It depends.... If you look at few tests (Virus Bulletin, AV-Comparative... and so on), you will find out that TrustPort products have quite good detection. I have tried their Total Protection, because it is free now (till 7th November). You have to solve 1 hidden message in their special game here: and you will receive 1yr license for free automatically. There is only 1 condition: you must have FB account...

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