What are common Mobile Security Threats That You Should Take Seriously?

By techsaainfo ·
Mobile security threats are increasing day by day. In 2014, almost 3.5 million pieces of malware were found by Kaspersky on over 1 million computers. By 2017, Kaspersky’s in-lab detection technology processing had crossed 360,000 malicious files a day. And 78% of files were malware programs, which means that more than 280,000 malware files were found a day and many of them targeting mobile devices.
Here are Top seven Mobile Security Threats
1. Data Leakage
2. Unsecured Wi-Fi Networks
3. Network Spoofing
4. Phishing Attacks
5. Spywares
6. Broken Cryptography
7. Improper Session Handling
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Oh, My dear, I didn't claim this content. I know forum members are well educated and genius. I just shared my knowledge, as yes its the same source that you mentioned, but I was afraid to bee banned from this respective forum, so I didn't mention the source link (I am new in this field and it's my first ever comment on any forum)

I'll learn soon

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Content plagiarism can also be banned

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Okay, we consider you are a newbie but you need to think about it before sharing the same content of another website. And you can be banned for sharing content plagiarism.

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