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what are "cpqdrv" and "cpqs" files

By leaundrae ·
Could any one tell me what "cpqdrv" and "cpqs" files are? I need to make more room on my hard drive. Would I be ok removing these files?


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by jm In reply to what are "cpqdrv" and "cp ...

Probably driver files for an hp-compaq pc or laptop. You would affect your ability to install drivers if your operating system needed a rebuild. A rebuild would take a lot longer without these. Check the size of the folder to see how much space it is actually using; generally it's good to leave these around and they don't use much space.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to what are "cpqdrv" and "cp ...

Well I to would leave them be particularly if only a few hundred K could be recovered.

Have you tried Compressing the Drive by opening My Computer then right clicking on the drive in question and selecting properties at the bottom of that box you have the option to Compress Disk just add a tick to that Check Box and hit apply. Depending on the size of the HDD in question you can then turn off the monitor and walk away until it finishes or if it is a NB alter the power settings so that the unit finishes running the application but without the monitor needing to be on. If you already have done this your only alternative is a Bigger HDD.


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by Black Panther In reply to what are "cpqdrv" and "cp ...

Have you done all the basic housekeeping tasks to create more room on your hard drive.


Have you emptied the recycle bin?

Have you removed any unecessary programs? etc

have a look at this link

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by Route81 In reply to what are "cpqdrv" and "cp ...

This directory contains all drivers for your Compaq. Definately DON'T delete these! (Unless you have updated drivers for everything.)

The cpqs driver controls the obsolete Compaq CPQS tape adapter and tape compression.

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by dmiles In reply to what are "cpqdrv" and "cp ...

Is your computer a Compact, as this is what I have found.

Generally accepted ideas/rules for compaq computers.

1. Do not delete anything in the System_Sav drive. It contains drivers and your Operating system install.

2. Blue swirly compaq Recovery CD does not have full OS on it. It references the System_Sav \ drive mentioned above. (The one not to delete)

4. Compaq Drivers are called SoftPaqs.

5. If you have a compaq driver problem and have a System_Sav \ Drive you can restore the drivers right from your hard drive.

-First go to the \ Drive and go to the cpqdrv folder and then go to the icons folder.

-The icons folder will have folders labeled with numbers. The numbers are softpaq driver numbers. If you double click one of the icon with a number a picture will pop up. That picture tells you what driver that number will restore. When you find the correct picture of the driver you need to restore then write down that number, we will call it "num1".

-Now go back to the cpqdrv folder and open the "num1" folder. In that folder will be a 3 digit alpha-numeric name, we will call it "num2", write it down.

-Now go to Start - Run and type this: c:/cpqs/quicksr/qria num1-num2

-That will restore the driver right from your system_sav \ Drive

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