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What are my chances in Maine as a Software Engineer?

By barissener ·
I am a senior in George Mason University. My major is Information Technology. And I'll be getting my masters in Software Engineering at George Mason too. My family is in Maine, so I want to move back to Portland,Maine after I'm done with my Masters. I was wondering how George Mason's reputation is in Maine? Will I be able to get a good job?

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Not a hot bed of IT Activity

by BFilmFan In reply to What are my chances in Ma ...

This was what I searched up on Dice for the search phrase "Software" and location of "Portland ME":**64034&TRAVEL=0&TAXTERM=0&SORTSPEC=0&FRMT=0&DAYSBACK=30&LOCATION_OPTION=2&FREE_TEXT=Software&WHERE=Portland+ME

You will either have to take whatever is available or my advice.

My advice is to follow the work. You are an IT cowpoke. Cowpokes follow the herd. You get to see some pretty interesting sights riding the range too.

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If the OP were based somewhere in Scotland ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Not a hot bed of IT Activ ...

My advice would have been exactly the same as yours.

Just said in a much more interesting accent!

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Hoot man! Whad a Scudder!

by BFilmFan In reply to If the OP were based some ...

I should mention that part of my paternal line traces to Scotland and is rumored to have fled there after the Edict of Expulsion in 1290.

With the family name of Taylor, it is pretty obvious that one of the clans took us in and adopted us.

I wear my clan colors with pride when it is Scottish games day!

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by barissener In reply to Not a hot bed of IT Activ ...

First of all thank you all for the answers.

I am a little confused though. When you say follow the herd, do you mean follow the herd in Maine? Or do you mean the IT industry is better in big cities like DC,New York, Seattle etc. , so I should move to one of these cities to get a good job.

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Confused

You will need to go were the work is, if you want to get into software Dev, maybe have a look around were is close to Maine so your not to far out.

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by barissener In reply to Yes

I was thinking about that too. Maybe Boston. I know some people in Maine maybe they can get me into those few jobs available, and University of Maine has a lot of research going on maybe I can do research. Well I have around 2 more years, I guess we'll see :)

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Two Years

by Wizard-09 In reply to Boston

Is a very long time, maybe things will change and maybe you will get a job at Maine, but only time will tell, good luck.

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