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    What are Outlook.BOX files??


    by dgemcse ·

    What are they? How do they come about? Are they from using sig files or vcards?
    Why if they are on a home directory, and client is OFF, caa they not be moved.
    Error is file in use?
    What purpose do they serve?

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      What are Outlook.BOX files??

      by yosho ·

      In reply to What are Outlook.BOX files?? files are part of the default toolbox for Outlook. When you customize a form or toolbox using the VB editor, this file is modified. You can get more info from this KB:

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      What are Outlook.BOX files??

      by mcse2kgrl ·

      In reply to What are Outlook.BOX files??

      This file is to help you customize your toolbox.

      After you customize the Toolbox by using the Microsoft Visual Basic Editor in Outlook Forms Designer, you cannot reset the Toolbox to the default configuration.

      If you customized the Toolbox byadding pages or ActiveX controls or by deleting the standard controls, and you want to reset the Toolbox to its original configuration, perform the following steps:

      Quit Outlook.

      Click the Start button, point to Find, and then click Files Or Folders.

      Click the Name and Location tab, and then in the Named box, type

      In the Look in list, select the drive in which you installed Outlook.

      Click Find Now.

      In the search results window at the bottom of the Find dialog box, click, and then rename the file (for example, to Outlook.bbb).

      When you restart Outlook and start Forms Designer, the Toolbox contains only the Controls page, and all of the default controls are displayed on the page.

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      What are Outlook.BOX files??

      by dgemcse ·

      In reply to What are Outlook.BOX files??

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