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What are people who design IT infrastructure for companies called?

By rabeenac ·
Do consultants do advising on IT infrastructure? Is there a different title for people who do this kind of job? How do they charge? on hourly basis? Anyone who has any idea on what the rates are like for this kind of service? Any useful links?


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Consulting in Indianapolis, IN

by rkuhn In reply to What are people who desig ...

For this type of service, maybe $100 to $200 an hour.

Depends on the company, some charge per hour and some sell "block" time meaning you buy so many hours per time period and can use them whenever but in return you usually get a better rate since you are essentially guaranteeing you'll use xx hours.

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I call 'em 'Network Engineers'

by sgt_shultz In reply to What are people who desig ...

or Infrastructure, er, Designers.
Check out Cisco, Nortel, Juniper sites
My guess is about $150/hr.

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network architects

by Triathlete1981 In reply to What are people who desig ...
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network engineers

by CG IT In reply to What are people who desig ...

in my opinion: typically have a college degree in Information Technology AND minimum CCNP certification from Cisco.

Designers have CCIE or CCDP certifications from Cisco.

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