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what are pros and cons of the switch between 3 HD in One PC tower?

By boxwood ·
Building new tower and want to install the switch between 3 HD-3 WINDOWS OS. What are the pros and cons of this set-up? YOUR EXPERIENCES? Any neat suggestions? Thx!

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by LordInfidel In reply to what are pros and cons of ...

So confused....

Are you saying you want to install 3 different hardrives. And then install a seperate version of windows on each one. And then "switch" between them?

I know with 2k it can be done by editing the boot.ini file. But you need a least 1 of the installs to control the boot up process.

How were you planning on going about this?

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Hardware Device

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Huh?

There is a hardware device that allows you to switch between 3 drives, each connected thru the device to one IDE port.

I haven't heard any bad reports about this, but not a lot of good either. It seems to be one of those niche products for a specific demographic target audience.


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hmmmph... who knew

by LordInfidel In reply to Hardware Device

Not really sure how I feel about that.....

I guess if you want to load up 3 different OS's onto 3 different drives without the hassel of manually swapping out the drives. I guess that works....

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Clean multi-boot

by TheChas In reply to what are pros and cons of ...

A drive switch is one of the cleanest ways to set up a multi-boot PC. The other is a "Hot-Swap" bay.

The only real disadvantage is the extra cost for the switch, drives, and possibly a larger power supply.

I recommend that you install a 4th drive set up in a format that is compatible with all installed operating systems, and use it as a common data drive.


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by boxwood.3 In reply to Clean multi-boot

The idea of a 4th drive is something that I had not considered but a very good idea. The purpose of my uses are:
1 drive Win 98 for off-line use for CAD application that I have;
1 drive for Win XP PRO for on line use and the newer apps;
1 drive for the next windows comes out (LONGHORN??)or whatever the final name will be- this new one will not be compatable with other versions and will have some special software for this only.
Should I still have a 4th drive then?

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4th disk

by mrbill- In reply to TRIOS IDE HARD DRIVE SELE ...

It might be a good idea to keep a 4th disk in the system for comman data files and such. Just remember to keep it FAT32 so Win98 can read it.

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Keep the data disk

by TheChas In reply to TRIOS IDE HARD DRIVE SELE ...

Actually, at this moment, you could install 3 disks:

and leave the 3rd position on the Trios free.
Get a new disk when Longhorn comes out.

Since you are switching disks in and out, it really does not matter when you add the 3rd disk to the Trios.


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by boxwood In reply to Keep the data disk

Yes, I think that is what I will do. The idea of a 4th disk for common data, saved in FAT 32 and then having the Longhorn, in non-FAT 32, doesn't seem good at this point.
I will be using the Win 98 for a large data base file and have 20 mb memory along with the CAD app.
The Win XP will be for my graphics, general use, Adobe Acrobat, and on-line use for my websites. this too will have 20 mb for the C drive.
I really like the idea of a multi-boot pc so that
I can use all the win 95/98 CD-R that I have. It also will save space. Since I do archiving in PDF, and it is a heavy app, I want that on a separate drive.
Also, PDF was chosen internationally for archiving to go across OS. his means that the PDF files will be able to be used on the LONGHORN or what comes next in the future.
This was my idea anyway. WHAT IS YOUR OPINIONS ON THIS? I only have one PC cabinet here! haha!

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