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What are some good blogs/forums for smart home or home automation info?

By stevew23 ·
I want to make a fully functioning smart home. I’ve spent a lot of time research smart homes and home automation and have a found a few good resources like: https://community.smartthings.com, http://forthesmarthome.com/home-automation-guide/ and http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-smart-hub/. Any other good places to get info?

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I think this is the best

by smarthome327 In reply to What are some good blogs/ ...

Smart Home is all about the gadgets armed with automation technology. I have found a website http://faceithard.com which is a new one but with more in-depth concept.
They are updating the site with new content in a periodic manner.

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A few that I found

by annazinger In reply to What are some good blogs/ ...
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Re: Thanks!

by Mike_Cartwright In reply to A few that I found

Lifehacker is a pretty awesome site but I never knew they also have article on home automation. Thanks for the tip!

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A recoomendation

by Charlotte.B In reply to Re: Thanks!

My husband recommends checking out CNET because they have lots of resources on smart home devices.

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by PaulineGreening In reply to A recoomendation

Cool! Thanks, y'all! I didn't knew that some of these forums tackle this topic. Thanks for sharing these!

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home site

by kyle.connor211 In reply to A few that I found

I think you should give houzz.com a try. It's a very good network for all your home ideas.

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Another recommendation

by kscott29 In reply to A few that I found

It really depends on what you're going for. Amazon Alexa is really good for shopping. Also great for music and they're getting more and more add ons every day to connect to lights, Nest & thermostats, etc. Dots are great too. But if you're looking to automate things like door locks, lights, tvs etc the Smart Things is more tailored for this sort of thing.

Came across a good list and info in my search: https://www.householdaudio.com/best-smart-home-device/. Hope it helps

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home automation

by Jordan Morris In reply to What are some good blogs/ ...

Well a great idea but do think it trough and i have seen many tutorial video on youtube and Cnet is also a good source for information on topic

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Smart Security blog

by thequiggler In reply to What are some good blogs/ ...

If you're specifically interested in Smart Security tech, I'm a contributor to a blog called http://SmartSecurity.Guide - which is a guide to new technologies around the Smart Security (like alarms, cctv, all-in-one security devices). The reason I focus on Smart Security tech is that it's one of the SmartHome sectors that's really making a difference / taken off in the last few years . . .

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smart home geeks

by AndrewConallen In reply to What are some good blogs/ ...

I can recommend https://www.smarthomegeeks.co.uk/ - many reviews and smart home industry news, and good news source is news.google.com

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by smarthome327 In reply to What are some good blogs/ ...

I will recommend https://www.smarthome.com, it is the trending blog with only a few posts, but with in-depth content.
I hope they will add more stuff further.

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