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What are some great travel deal apps for Android?

By bepleasedto ·
Tags: Smartphones
Looking for suggestions about which app will be best for finding cheap flight and hotel deals, as well as, car rental deals too.

let me know, it will be so helpful for me.


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by rproffitt Moderator In reply to What are some great trave ...

To avoid spam, no links.

Also why not use the usual web sites? Why must we install an app here?

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Isn't it amazing,

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to LINK FREE ZONE.

everyone with a smartphone, regardless the brand, thinks you have to download and install an "app" (I hate that's a freakin' software program) to do basically anything! I place the vast majority of the blame squarely on Apple...they released an extremely poor cellphone with limited abilities, then capatalized on the hard work of sotware creators to make the original iPhone do anything. My old Samsung Blackjack PDA did more out of the box than those first iPhones could do even with "apps".
All current smartphones already have an "app" for finding something that the user's called a web browser! Sheesh...duckduckgo, Bing, even google in a bind can find what you want almost everytime.

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As you noted, the app you need is already installed.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Isn't it amazing,

And I bet most can use it already.

Some ask me:

"Should I make an app for my web site?"

My answer is "No, you have your app right now."

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Some good travel deal apps

by bloggerashbd In reply to What are some great trave ...

Try the apps below, these are some of the nicest apps to find great travel deals, cheap flights & hotels, and more.

1. Crazy Destination
2. Skyscanner
3. Skiplagged
4. Hopper
5. Expedia

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Travel Apps

by nihitthakkar In reply to What are some great trave ...

Travel deal apps for Android:
1. LoungeBuddy
2. AirHelp
3. Hostelworld
4. Airbnb
5. Skyscanner
6. HotelTonight

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