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What are the 10 best jobs in IT?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
I'm putting together a list of the 10 best jobs in IT. What job would you love to have? It can be a job description like Chief Software Architect or a job role at a particular company, such as lead network engineer at Disney Land. Either way, please explain what's so appealing about that position. You can do this as a list of the jobs that most appeal to you or you can simply explain your No. 1 ideal job.

Also check out my post on the "10 worst jobs in IT":

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My idea of

by jzsdii In reply to What are the 10 best jobs ...

a job that seems great would be a position at NASA. Presumably, the work would be interesting and I always thought they had a good comaraderie.

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worst job in IT

by dtsonly2004 In reply to My idea of

Any IT job in a public company.

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I love my public job...

by liquidxit2 In reply to worst job in IT

I manage a network and help desk for a doctors office and I get everything from the "what is this pop up?" to "the network is down" on a saturday. I love my job and make a decent dollar, I say that govtment workers are typically less motivated or people who cant hack it in the "public" work world. Unless your someone who likes to make alot less for the benifits

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what a bunch of C**P

by dryflies In reply to I love my public job...

How can you single out governemnt workers that way. that is as bad as classifying by the color of their skin or by what religion they hold (or don't hold). I have worked in Many different sectors, small medium and large, privately and publicly held, and yes, Government jobs too. right now I am the IT guy for a small government research facility. I have a college student that works for me part time. yes, there are those in any organization that do not pull their weight. In big companies and big government they hide easily, in smaller organizations they stick out like a sore thumb. it is who you are not what kind of organization you work at that motivates you.
BTW, I think supporting IT infrastructure in a small research environment is the best job I have ever had. I still get to do development to build gadgets for the scientists and their experiments. but ht deadlines are lax. My only complaint is getting money is like pulling blood from a turnip. but that's OK because every $ spen on IT is a dollar not spent on direct research.

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re: what a bunch of C**P

by Paul232 In reply to what a bunch of C**P

I spent 22 years on active duty with the Air Force. As a whole, govt civilians are some of the laziest people I have ever met. Of course there are really good people, but because of the way the system is designed, it encourages abuse of the system. It is quite difficult to get rid of a useless person in govt. service.

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Re: what a bunch of C**P

by mickrussom In reply to what a bunch of C**P

Non-emergency civilian government workers are about 50%-70% useless. If a consulting firm was able to go in and fix the government about half of all workers would be terminated. And they likely wouldn't be able to cut it in the increasingly ruthless private sector.

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you have no IDEA

by jamerican_Tech In reply to I love my public job...

I agree with dryflies. How can you post such a generalization about a population? I've worked in public, private, military and consulting for over 15 years. I have seen lazy people in all sectors as well as some of the hardest working people you will ever meet.
You should get out more.

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by skeet5050 In reply to I love my public job...

I have worked in both the public and goverment sectors and believe me when I say "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT".

Gov employees are just as motivated and just as good at their counter-parts in the public or private (whichever you prefer) sector. Don't forget that our employers do not make a profit (and in many cases do not pay overtime)to cover up their blunders or wastefulness so we end up keeping our systems up and running with LESS resources.

As our governor put it again this year "We will have to do more (meaning keep our present systems running and provide new services) with less (meaning that since our tax basis is dwindling we have less money and personnel.)

Yes, we earn less money, even less than the contractors who the political types bring in to work with us.

You are probably saying that if gov employees are so good, why do you need contractors. Who says we do! Many times we are teaching the contractors about the software that we have developed so that they can work with it! We don't ask for their help, the political heads are the ones who bring them in for what ever reason.

You mentioned benefits. Yes we do have good benefits and a retirement. That is what a lot of it is all about for us.

My own brother, who happens to be a contractor, is always whining about working in the real world from one side of his mouth and complaining that government should be doing more for him out of the other. He complains that "he (my brother) doesn't have a retirement why should I (meaning me)". My answer is simple "You chose to work where you are. No one twisted your arm and since you make 50% more than me, why don't you set up your own retirement". Even our new employees (1996 and newer) have to set up their own retirement.

Why don't you get your head out and look at the world as it really is, rather than knocking the people that provide many services for you. Believe me, if you didn't have those services available you would be whining even worse.

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the best job in IT

by corza_007 In reply to YOU DON"T KNOW WHAT YOUR ...

the best job in IT is actuary. it has been aprroved by the united states as there most popular IT job

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Government workers earn more than private workers in 41 states.

by mickrussom In reply to YOU DON"T KNOW WHAT YOUR ...

"Yes, we earn less money, even less than the contractors who the political types bring in to work with us. "

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