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What are the 10 worst jobs in IT?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
I'm putting together a list of the 10 worst jobs in IT. What job would you hate to have? This can be specific a job description like Backups Technician or a job role at a particular company, such as network administrator on a submarine (because you get motion sickness). Either way, please explain why the job is so unappealing to you. You can do this as a list of the jobs that you wouldn't want or you can simply explain your least desirable job.

Also check out my post on the "10 best jobs in IT":

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As my profile suggests

by Neil Higgins In reply to What are the 10 worst job ...

a Technician/pc support can mean a lot of things,but it boils down to when things go awol,myself,and a host of others,leave the comfy heated office,and head off towards system meltdown incorporated,occasionally to be met by a screaming banshee,seeking a little guidence,as to why the main IT guy is sitting in the corner with an axe in his head.Often this can only mean that Woody Allen is at the helm.I hate this because,one,noone remembers what exactly happened,except all the pc's went down.Two,noone will own up as to who poured the coffee over a terminal in the first place.Three,no we can't put the fire out,that is not my department.Therefore my worst job has to be attending "the place from ****",as back-up support to awol corps.

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Network Engineer

by fahimkola In reply to As my profile suggests

pc support job is headache , meeting with

different people , if something happen to

their sys , it 'll come our head .

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K12 Tech Support

by jerome.koch In reply to As my profile suggests

My first IT job was a 28000/year PC tech job for a K-12 School Distrct

Four of us supported 75 servers(Mac,Novell,Windoze), and 9000 users.

In the Middle Schools and High School we fought vandalism, and hackers constantly. In the lower grades, I would pick up virus's off of the equipment and bring them home to my family.

After 3 years I got a job in the private sector. I missed the full health benefits, but not the irritation.

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by relo1999 In reply to K12 Tech Support

I have worked for Districts off and on for over 5 years. They are up there with some of the worst spots. Low pay, teachers ( do not even want to get started ), and the constant illness. It is safer working in a hospital. Lets not forget about what it is like working in an environment where if you are not state "certified" you are pretty much dirt under the shoes of those who are.

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Nail on the Head

by Zoner57 In reply to K12 Tech Support

I've been in the Biz 22 years plus, I started working for a Community College and loved it! I got a good offer for a High School District 50 miles closer to home, should have kept driving! Don't get me wrong, I would have left years ago (been here 4 years now) if it were not for the good I have been do for the kids (even though most of them have no clue) I would have. Teachers treat other non-teachers like scum, but then want their back-sides kissed. I also have to say we keep pretty understaffed as well. over 1000 PCs, 24 servers 12 T1s 250 staff and 2700 kids and one trch Also if it plugs into a wall and draws current, I am suppose to fix it! Had to draw the line when I got to call to fix a teachers electric pencil shapener!

There are a lot of non-tech "techies" in the EDU support circles. The person I replaced had not a clue, one exapmle...."If one uplink between hubs is good then two or three are better". LOL

But the perks are giving the kids a stable network and PCs so they can come in and learn and the teacher dont have to worry if the servers or networks are up.

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You should try this!!!!

by tpickup In reply to Nail on the Head

I work for a small company as a network administrators assistant. My boss is a 63 year old that doesnt know anything about networking.It is a constant fight to get any thing even a printer cartridge. I also do credit checks for new customers and inventory every month.

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Try university support

by blillie In reply to K12 Tech Support

Other than the pay, it was probably the most enjoyable job. Got exercise running between building a mile apart while being paged by three different people, got to lug computer equipment up ancient staircases built in the 1850s because the elevator was for sudents, and the professors treated you like you were a part of the team, saying things like "why werent you hear 5 minutes ago?" and "are you a student or the tech?"...

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And the professors...

by daveo2000 In reply to Try university support

I worked support at a well known engineering university for a while. My favorite call was from an older professor who was having trouble installing MS Word (from 5-1/4" floppies). It came down to this: He had actually opened the square plastic sleeve and taken the media out, then seeing that this was clearly wrong, put it back in the sleeve upside down. I only figured this out after seeing that of the various disks the first one had the reinforcing ring on the wrong side.

Yes, this was a while ago... but I will bet there are still professors that put the CD in upside down...

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Verbal abuse and pesky buttons

by Daniel.Muzrall In reply to And the professors...

I worked at a univeristy help desk for my 4 years as a student. I saw all sorts of fun stuff.

First, the verbal abuse: It was the spring of 1995...the time when 3.5" floppy drives were quickly replacing the 5.25" drives. The university had just purchased all new Pentium 90s from IBM. Real cutting edge stuff. A PHd candidate comes into the computer lab (co-located with the university's help desk) and asked for a computer to print out his final copy of his dissertation. About 15 minutes later the guy comes up and tells me the disk drive doesn't work. I asked him to bring the disk up to me and he stated that the disk was stuck in the drive. I walk over to the computer only to find a 5.25" disk crisply folded and jammed into the 3.5" drive! Well, I extracted the disk after completely dissasembling the computer and the drive and looked at the disk. When I say it was crisply was CRISPLY folded. I told the guy I'd try to fix it for him using Norton Disk Doctor and a couple of other utilities, but told him the disk was pretty much shot. Well, obviously I couldn't get the disk repaired enought to read anything, and when I told the PHd candidate he'd have to get his backup copy and print from that, he told me that this was his only copy and he just needed it printed. Well, when I re-told him that the disk was not repairable by the university help desk, he called me just about every name under the sun, then left in tears.

And now the pesky buttons: The university had just implemented a new webmail application. A professor called up complaining that he couldn't log into his mailbox. He was putting in his username and password, but nothing was happening. He just couldn't find that pesky LOG IN button just below the username and password fields. The pesky button couldn't be found because he didn't know how to scroll down on the web page! life....

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Nothing compared to...

by slone In reply to Verbal abuse and pesky bu ...

my experience as a student assistant ina lab - I was called to a prof's office as to why the computer would not work...He'd not plugged in the power cable at all. He thought since the monitor had been plugged in, and the monitor cable was connected to the PC, that was good enough...was way back in late 80's.

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