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What are the advantages of VOIP over a normal home telephone system?

By omakalou12 ·
I haven't got much of an idea what I'm looking at, I need to buy a new phone for the house but I've seen some which are compatible with VOIP but are expensive, is it worth the extra money.

Any advice on the whole system would be great.

I currently have a BT line and service and Sky TV with broadband package. Most phone usage will be evenings and weekend.

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a lot depends on your actual phone usage. If you make lots of calls

by Deadly Ernest In reply to What are the advantages o ...

that cost a lot due to the time and / or distance covered, yes VOIP is a lot cheaper as all but any local component of a landline call is much cheaper - call another voip and it's nothing. Otherwise, you don't get much advantage from it.

Here, where all but local calls cost a fortune, it pays for itself within a month or so. Some of the cheaper service deals available in other countries make it not worthwhile if all you make are local calls. Unless they're all to voip numbers.

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VoIP May not be an Option for You

by TheChas In reply to What are the advantages o ...

I'm not sure that VoIP service is an option, or even a good option for you.

VoIP replaces your land-line phone service with a service that uses your broadband Internet service to carry the phone signal.

If your Sky TV provider offers a phone service, that might be worth looking into.

Then, you need to weigh any cost savings with VoIP service versus potential drawbacks.

The 2 biggest concerns I would have are:

If your Sky TV broadband connection goes down, you loose your phone service.

I'm not sure that all VoIP providers have the **1 issues worked out for all service areas. At a minimum, with VoIP, you loose the advantages of most enhanced **1 systems. The **1 operator does not have a display of your address, and may even have a different address pop up on the screen.

A final factor to take into account is how does your present service handle the up-link from your connection? Does the system use your phone line in addition to the satellite down-link? Or, does it use a satellite up-link? Either way, is the up-link data rate fast enough to support VoIP?

Myself, I'm sticking with a traditional land-line for phone service for the foreseeable future.


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