what are the benefits of external HD over internal?

By Snuffy09 ·
my 120 external HD took a dump (pics, music, games, bye-bye). I took the drive out of the enclosure and hooked it up to my computer and still nothing actually my computer wouldn't even boot with the drive as a slave. tried booting form a HD utility cd and i couldn't even see the drive.

now im looking for a new external HD and I have to stop and wonder besides not being Mobil (i don't need a Mobil HD) whats the advantage? they still crash, they are still affected by power surges, they still get bad blocks. ect., ect. ahhhhh!!!

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by SystemCheck In reply to what are the benefits of ...
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by SPC_TCOL In reply to what are the benefits of ...

If you don't see it as an USB drive, then there is a high chance that you won't see it as a slave.

When someone steals my computer, then he will have problems to steal my external backup drive, because you can't reach it.

That's why i have an external drive.

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i tried it

by Snuffy09 In reply to Backup

internal over USB because i wasn't sure if the enclosure was bad or not

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Internal drives are far faster than external

by Slayer_ In reply to what are the benefits of ...

External drivers are limited by USB speed. Internal drives, especially Sata, are much faster. USB vs IDE, not much difference on a 1 to 1 file transfer. You will notice a difference if you are transfering multiple files (Two seperate copy opperations). The IDE will be faster and smoother.

Also, for some inexplicable reason, portables seem to die faster for me, even though I never move them. LaCie had a great warranty though. My warranty expired by a month and not only did they warranty it without an invoice or any proof of purchase, they replaced the drive and upgraded it from a 750gb to a 1tb. I just had to pay shipping (14 bucks after all shipping costs). I even accidentally sent them the wrong USB cable, and they sent it back to me nicely wrapped up and sent me a new one of the correct one without asking for the original!

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Agree with Sinister

by TNT@support In reply to Internal drives are far f ...

External drives are slower than internal, and while the primary benefit is portability there is also the benefit (for some) of not having to crack open the case and do an install. For others, being able to lock it in a drawer to secure the data is a plus. If all you are using the second drive for is to separate data from the OS and Apps, then by all means make it internal.

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If you want external

by Brenton Keegan In reply to Internal drives are far f ...

without the performance hit, check out eSata drives.

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I'm afraid mobility is the difference

by SteveCCC In reply to what are the benefits of ...

External HD were designed for people with limited hard drive space on their machine so they could store non functioning computer data (pics, movies, etc..) without using system resources. So besides mobility it will ease the strain on your internal OS hard drive a little but these days with most internal HD being in the 320gb - 500gb range it's not even that big of a problem for most.

Personally however I like being able to transfer from one PC to another with ease via external HD.

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by ---TK--- In reply to what are the benefits of ...

I have to admit that I have yet to read the other posts... with that in mind, here is some food for thought.


I was looking into this till I Built a micro ITX system, currently it has 2 TB's of storage... eventually I will RAID it...

IMO, I am not a fan of single drive external storage for this reason... Unless, the data is actually on the PC, and the external drive is used for strictly backups. Which means the data is in two places... If you are looking for external storage, I would go with a mini NAS (RAID 1) or a second PC configured with a RAID 1 or 5. With the RAID in place you have redundancy, and your not out in the cold when a drive dies.

In your case, for sh**'s and giggles, I would probably throw the drive in a anti-static bag, put in a freezer for a couple hours and try using it (IDE or USB)... Might bring it back to life, so you can get some of your data back... but that only works about 5% of the time...

Added: lol, if you do go with a Mini NAS unit, make sure it has a built in FTP server, so you can port forward and access your data anywhere in the world... but change the listening port on your router to some random large number, that way when script kiddies are ip/port sniffing they probably will not take the time to figure out what protocol is associated with your random port. Which means, you will not get brute forced attacked...

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by Snuffy09 In reply to idea....

i never heard of the freezer trick, what does that do anyway that "brings it back to life"?

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Well it may help if you need to recover Data

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to cool

But it just as likely will not have any effect. Though if all else is lost and there is no chance of the owner being prepared to pay for a Professional Recovery there is nothing to loose.

Just a word of warning though it is a Last Resort option and should never be used on something that you need to recover the data from.

Also if there is a lot of Data on the drive you need to keep it cold till you have got your Data off it. I once used a pile of Dry Ice to do this with but it is not something that I would recommend.


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