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What are the benfiits of Cloud Computing?

By jayanth_reddy ·
Hi everyone..

Can anyone explain me the benefits of cloud computing.what are the major benefits do we have in cloud computing?please explain in detail.

-Thank you

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Make you efficient

by Alice Samanta In reply to What are the benfiits of ...

You will get n no. of benefits like; many things will be optimized in terms of money and time, business will be measurable.

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None I can think of other than

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What are the benfiits of ...

It's cheaper initially as you don't need to buy anywhere near as much hardware.

However on the down side you need a constant Internet connection which depending on where you are can be a problem and quite expensive which very quickly destroys any advantage of saving money in the first place.

When others things are considered like Security and who owns the data in the could it's a No Contest Cloud is way more expensive.

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by karlzimmerman In reply to None I can think of other ...

Who owns the data is a concern? I guess possibly in SaaS situations, but that shouldn't be an issue at all with IaaS. Additionally, I see security as a major concern with many SaaS applications, but in IaaS security is just as big of a concern as it is with any on-premise solution, though I've seen too many people bypass the security step.

To say "No Contest Cloud is way more expensive" just seems short sighted. Is it way more expensive for some people? Certainly, it isn't the answer for all. But if you're needing high reliability and ease of access to the data you're going to be hard pressed to do it cheaper in-house, especially if you're going with a managed solution, where you can greatly reduce the overhead in system administration and maintenance. You have to look at costs beyond just raw hardware and licensing costs, but also staff time, reliability/uptime (I don't see many offices with redundant power, etc), ease of high availability, etc.

And yes, you need a constant Internet connection, but what is any business doing now that doesn't require that? A highly reliable Internet connection is a requirement for business at all anymore, so I don't see how that is much of an additional hurdle, at least in any populated areas.

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So lets start with the obvious

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Disagreements

Needing a constant Internet connection and the costs involved there how do you make that go away?

Because you have everything in the "Cloud" you may need a faster Internet Connection to work so that is more cost to the client.

Now about who Owns the Data when a company goes broke or is taken over is the Business who now owns the Assets of the Old Company going to give you your Data Back or at the very least expect you to keep paying them to continue using your Data? While you may have a right to the Data it will take a long time in Courts to get it and to be perfectly honest by the time you do it may no longer be of any use or value to you.

But the Elephant in the Room is always Security. With most of the Western Governments recently in the News blaming a Asian State for breaching their systems and saying that they have Breached "Managed Services" for both Econimic Gain and to Weaponise the Data against both the owner and the Country that they are in leaves me wondering just how secure these places are no matter what they are or the claims made about them.

That is just from listening to News Reports and in no way implies a Insider Knolledge of what has happened but it is obvious that anything that is on Line and Managed is at Risk of at least one State attempting to steal it and to my mind at least if one Country is doing it you would have to be an idiot to believe that others are not.

So if most of the Counteries in the World are Breaching these "Managed Service Sites" what makes you believe that your data is not being freely used by many others who do as they want?

More so if you have any data that is of a Sensitive Nature so if your business does any Miletary Work of any kind be that from offering a Internet Service to something much more involved you are at risk of many counteries wanting your companies data and have no idea who is using it or what money that they are making from it at your expense.

So overall I would suggest that any "Managed Service" Hosted on the Net is Insecure and most likely to be sending your company broke or making your country vunerable to outside Interests.

Remember also that all Country's Infrastructure is a Miletary Target so Power Generation, Water Distribution, Government Services, Public Transport, Telecomunications, and Traffic Control are Big Jucy Targets for these people who at the moment may do nothing but simply by the fact that they have access means that things are anything but SECURE.

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by karlzimmerman In reply to So lets start with the ob ...

Here again, I'm talking about IaaS, not SaaS, as with SaaS providers it gets much more complicated.

"Needing a constant Internet connection and the costs involved there how do you make that go away?" - How do you make that go away with ANY business, cloud or not? A reliable Internet connection is necessary for most any business, period.

"Now about who Owns the Data when a company goes broke or is taken over" - You're still keeping backups of your data, right? This would be the same as any other disaster recovery plan, you restore from your backups. The same exact same thing happens with any sort of local disaster as well, and with the security, durability, and redundancy of cloud data centers I find it hard to believe your risk is higher with a cloud provider.

"But the Elephant in the Room is always Security." - And you're thinking a small or mid-sized business is better at running and managing security than a cloud services provider where that is there business? I know we have gone through numerous audits for security and reliability that most SME's haven't even heard of. I would be happy to bet that a 3rd party managed could solution will be more secure than a self managed solution be an SME 99% of the time.

"have no idea who is using it or what money that they are making from it at your expense" - If you're encrypting your data on the server/VM (as you'll need to do to meet any military compliance, etc anyway) and keeping an eye on security and access logs of your servers/VMs (again, necessary for base compliance anyway) what is the concern?

And of course, in picking a cloud services provider you need to do your own due diligence and risk assessments. We've refused to go with numerous SaaS providers because they could not provide us documentation or assurances to meet our own security standards.

And yes, the most secure data can be is to not be accessible at all, but then what good is that data? Yes, being on the Internet makes things less secure, but what business is operating that is not connected to the Internet? Your risks are the same, if not more, if you're self hosting your data versus having it with an IaaS provider.

Note: One caveat I can think of is vulnerabilities in the virtualization layer itself (been a very limited threat to this point), but then you just go with a hosted private cloud solution to isolate yourself from other customers.

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Really I go out to companies who use these products

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Non-issues

And try to fix up the mess that they now find themselves in because they can not get along with their providers.

When Data is In House there is not need for a Fast Internet Connection and many can get away with an ADSL2 Internet connection. Sure the bigger companies need a faster connection and pay for it but they need that regardless and adding Cloud Storage to the mix if anything only requires them to need something faster than what is currently available.

As for Backup's part of the sales spiel is that the Cloud Provider looks after all that which is why many got into Cloud in the first place no Software to Upgrade, No Security to bother about and Most Certianly No Backup's as the provider has this with multisite storage so they can all but garantee 100% Up Time. What it really means is that these companies have got rid of the majority if not all of their In House IT Support Services as they simply have nothing to do and are a waste of money.

While true small and mid sized Business have no hope of being as good as a Government but then again in the last few Weeks the AU Government has admitted a Major Security Breach into both their own systems and most of the Political Parties.

The Main Point however is that when they are In House they are a smaller Target than a Cloud Provider who by the very nature of their Business Model is hosting a lot of these Business so they are the easier target to hit and get a better return on initial costs. You either spend a few $ to hit a Indivual Business or the same amount and Hit a Cloud Provider who has many Business so who do you think is the first choice to hit?

How many States have access to Quantum Computing and when you think along those lines what is the use of Encryption it takes one of those things seconds to break the encryption not years.

Here we are Talking State which means Country Governents who no one can keep out so under those circumstances which Security Model do you use a Big Target high return on attack option or the Small Target High Cost to for data option?

While the Most Secure Data is not accessable at all the next best thing is Low Access only to those in the company who need it. I find it better to risk company staff stealing your companies data than people you have no control over in what is possibly countries where your Laws Do Not Apply. The entire thing with Cloud is the availability and cost. Without that there is no reason to even look at it.

I'll post another.

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Still non-issues for most...

by karlzimmerman In reply to Really I go out to compan ...

If you're trusting your IaaS provider to just take care of backups for you and you have no DR plan, you're doing it wrong.

If you're not thinking EVERYONE is a target, you're wrong. Small users are getting hit every day. Why? Because they're an easy target. Whether you're big or small it doesn't matter, everyone is a target. Going with a cloud provider does not make you any more of a target.

"The Most Secure Data is not accessable at all the next best thing is Low Access" - Correct, and you can do that with an IaaS provider just as easily as you can in-house.

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Ran out of charatchers in the last one

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Non-issues

The problem here is the Internet and Sharing Data. By it's very nature it is Insecure but you have to ballance security with usability so admitting that moving your data tot he Cloud is less secure which no Cloud Provider will ever admit or host it inhouse and be less of a target and a higher risk of Pentertation.

As I said previously which is the best Security Model High Number of Business Data to have access to with a single attack or needing many attacks across multipal sites to get one load per attack?

These places work at the moment on Costs so they hit the bigger HIGH RETURN Targets which makes things easier for the smaller Targets. Having said that however things like Banks are a High Target so even if a target like that is all Inhouse they are still a higher risk target than the Boat Builder down the road building Ships for the Navy who in turn are a higher risk target than the company down the road building the propellers for those Navy Ships. You may start off with the smallest supplier and work you way into the Ship Design Team and all of the Top Secret Data there which any State will do but it is so much easier for them when everything in held in the same place

Then when you consider that the better cloud providers have Multisite Storage in different counteries things get really nasty. What may be the Law here is most defiantly not the law there and it may even be the law there that the Government can walk in with their Intelegance Agency and read your data directly from the server as a Faked terminal of yours.

You can never get over the fact that the moment you put anything in the Cloud it is open to attack and more so the bigger the provider that you chose because they seem to offer the better coverage.

It doesn't help one iota that even before you sign up to them and open your account that are breached and all you are doing by moving to the Cloud is handing your Data over before you even understand what is happening.

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I guess...

by karlzimmerman In reply to Ran out of charatchers in ...

So yes, if you have a company that doesn't have an Internet connected network, don't go to the Cloud. Otherwise, your attack vector is the same. And as I said above, if you're not acting like everyone is a target, no matter how big or small you are, you're doing it wrong.

You're talking about edge cases like it is the norm.

And I definitely agree, understand what you're doing. If the cloud provider is storing data across multiple countries and you didn't know that, that is a problem with you doing due diligence, not with cloud hosting.

The fact you're going with a cloud provider does not absolve you of the responsibility of knowing what is going on, meeting compliance, having security policies, having a DR plan, etc.

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I think this is on the right link

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to So lets start with the ob ...

So what you are saying is that all the selling points of Cloud Providers are a LIE.

What you are temped by with the so called advantages of going to the Cloud are Untrue and the only reason you are doing this is Cost.

I fully agree and do not have a problem with that even if it does break the Law in your Country that is your choice.

But what I do have a problem with is the way that these are sold to Companies with people believing that they are doing the right thing and getting the benifit of saving them money into the bargin.

It is just saving them money pure and simple and all the stated benifits are just SPIN.

So the only reason to go to the "CLOUD" is money which is exactly what I said above when I posted

"None I can think of other than
It's cheaper initially as you don't need to buy anywhere near as much hardware."

Anything else that is claimed is simply UNTRUE. When people accept that we are all better off and despite what has been said elsewhere "Managed Services" are a much bigger Attack Vector than anything else on the Net at the moment which is exactly what the Western Governments have been saying for the past month or 2 but maybe not directly they have been reporting breaches in these services and no one is reading between the lines as to what it means.

My entire problem with these Services is the Misrepresentation that is pushed out about them all nothing else.

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