What are the best materials for making weather proof parabolic reflector?

By TheYuuki ·
Im constructing a hi gain directional antenna to boost my wireless reception. What are the best materials to use to make an all weather dish?

All feed back and advice appreciated.


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Galvanized Chicken wire or copper wire

by robo_dev In reply to What are the best materia ...

Chicken-wire is cheap, and you can paint it to look pretty.

Copper holds up pretty well, and it's LOTS easier to solder wires to it, although it may take more effort to make a grid, since you would have to solder it all together.

If it has to look nice, you can paint the copper, as well.

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What do you mean by Best

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What are the best materia ...

Best as in the Best Material to use or Best as in what is commonly used and reasonably priced?

If it's the first you want an Inert Substance like Gold as it doesn't suffer any Corrosion Effects from the Weather. Then as a Insulator Crystalline Carbon is the best longest lasting material available.

However depending where it is to be placed it's going to be very expensive and subject to theft so the next best thing would be a Copper unit with Ceramic Insulators.

Copper may not be suitable because you can not buy it in the form that you require and it takes way too long to assemble into whatever form you require, not to mention the problems associated with making Ceramics as Special One off units.

So if by best you mean a Cheap Commonly available material any Galvanized Wire Mesh will do, which can range from fine Bird Wire to Heavy Duty Reinforcing type materials and UV Stabilized Plastics.


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Note that the grid-spacing of the wire mesh must not exceed a specific size

by robo_dev In reply to What do you mean by Best

The wavelength of WiFi at 2.4GHZ is very small, (these are Microwave frequencies) so the mesh should be as small as possible,

Here's an antenna made from a Whiskey Tin

Here are plans for reflector:

great step-by-step biquad antenna build

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