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What are the best steps to take to become a web design freelancer?

By jhudson0219 ·
I'm 6 months away from graduating with a BS in Computer Science majoring in business management and web design. My career goal is to become a freelance web designer, but I know I have a lot of work to get there. I am currently working in the Dental field, and am experiencing a hard time even landing an interview for an IT position. I also am having a hard time networking with people within my entering field of IT. I have joined social communities like LinkedIn and TechRepublic, but am really unsure of how to acquire reliable contacts. Can anyone give me advice on the steps to being a freelancer and how to properly obtain networking contacts?

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How I Did It

by eyesea In reply to What are the best steps t ...

There are probably as many ways to get started freelancing as there are freelancers. All I can tell you is how I did it. I'll also a couple of lessons that I learned.
I basically got out and talked to people and got some web site gigs that way for a start. The first sites I did were pretty cheap. I was building my portfolio and I didn't really know what to charge. I did not do anything for free. In time I picked up a client who had a lot of steady work for me and I picked up other jobs by referral. To this day, most of my work comes through referrals even though I do advertise now. I have several steady clients who use my regularly for enhancements, maintenance and projects and that really helps.
One good piece of advice I could give you is to make a really killer website for your business and keep it maintained - make it a priority. That is your calling card and is worth spending time on.
Watch what you post on social networks. I have found out that one of the first things my savvy prospects do is Google me, and all my social network stuff comes up there.
My last bit of advice is that you check out sites like Freelance Switch. I get a lot of good ideas and encouragement there.
Best of luck in your venture.

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Repost as a 'Discussion'

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The 'Questions' forum is usually best if you're seeking technical information such as the solution to a specific problem. Try the 'Discussions' forum for topics involving opinions or non-tech subjects.

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