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    What are the best ways to protect data on the cloud?

    by evilempire88 ·


    best ways to protect data (media) on the cloud as of 2020?

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      Cloud Protocol Policies and Employees Education

      by henrycartersmith ·

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      There have been security breaches in all sectors of the industry. Moving to a cloud or a hybrid cloud environment has become a routine for companies which is why it is important to understand how your data is secured and protected in the cloud. If your company’s data evolve company finances, trade secrets, methodologies than data protection is a compulsory component.

      It is important to make sure the cloud service you are opting for is secure or not. Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS are market-leading cloud providers who also have the best resources on the ground to maintain the security of their cloud data centers.

      It is important to know beforehand what procedures and protocols do your cloud provider follows if a security breach happens.

      Encryption services are included in almost every cloud provider’s subscription so implement it.

      Make sure the devices that have access to the cloud are fully secured and the employees accessing the data on the cloud are following the right protocols.

      Securing passwords is the most important aspect in cloud protection and many employees are known to be sloppy when it comes to password protection that results in disaster most of the time.

      Implementing two-factor authentication is one the best for securing passwords, which can be through fingerprint scanner, facial recognition, SMS (SMS have seen to be vulnerable in recent past especially in the US which is why it should be avoided).

      Set up data transfer procedures by ensuring point-to-point security for extra encryption. Utilize SSL for all communications.

      Educating employees and monitoring them regularly on how they are following data security protocols.

      Backup data consistently either by setting up a multi-cloud setup or a hybrid cloud environment that would also allow you to create backups in multiple geo-locations. For a multi-cloud setup, you could opt for either the same cloud or different cloud. For different clouds you would need cloud gateway, StoneFly Smart Cloud gateway is a highly secure multi-cloud connectivity software that also includes some enterprise features.

      The hybrid cloud backup environments involve an on-premises backup appliance and a cloud backup appliance. A full dedication solution DR365V from StoneFly is a highly scalable hyperconverged backup appliance that also supports cloud connectivity and because of its advanced management software SCVM, the appliance is fully compatible with all of your virtual machines setups including KVM.

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      Protect Data

      by smithnennry123 ·

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      In this time data is the most important thing for every people and business. On the internet, many tools and applications are available to back up our important data from the cloud.

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