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What are the best ways to start Web Development?

By intiqousa ·
As i am beginner and i want to know about website Development steps.
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web development

The overall impression of a website depends on the quality of its design. Whether the users are impressed or not upon visiting the site depends on its layout and visuals. This makes the web development stage one of the most important in creating a successful online presence.

Every web development project has to go through certain steps that take the project from initiation to completion. The web development steps divide the project into easily manageable phases. Although, the exact phase of the web development process varies slightly, the most basic steps remain the same.

Below are 5 essential stages of the design process that will help you understand how a website is designed and developed on a professional scale.
Step 1: Project Planning
Project planning refers to determining the overall goals and objectives of the web development project. This is arguably the most important stage in the entire project. It is further divided into the following five parts.
• Requirement Assessment
• Project Summary
• Determining Required Resources
• Key performance goals
• Competitor Analysis
Step 2: Determining Project Scope
Step 3: Website Design
Step 4: Website Development
Step 5: Website Testing and Deployment
On a final note, you should know that the web development process takes a lot of time and effort. Designing a visually appealing website that stands out from the competition is an uphill task. But the rewards are certainly greater than the effort, cost, and time required to craft a beautiful website.

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Best ways to start Web Development

by codecreators In reply to What are the best ways to ...

You are start with web development
• Start with raw HTML then get used to CSS
• Learn server side programming with any easy-to-use scripting languages like python or php.
• Learn Javascript
• Then go for the various web frameworks like MVC for learning web application management. ...
• Go for JQuery.

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best ways to start Web Developmen

by madhuri001 In reply to What are the best ways to ...

Get started in web development today. With these 9 basic tips everyone should know.
Learn the basics. ...
Do your research & get inspired. ...
3. Make use of free resources. ...
Improve your design skills. ...
5. Make yourself familiar with the concept of requirements engineering. ...
Get a programming-friendly text editor. ...
Use frameworks.

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Best ways to start Web Development

by jasicajames28 In reply to What are the best ways to ...

1. Web Development Platform: Before going for web development, one thing which needs to be considered is whether I am a technical developer or not. Because prior web development, the choice of platform is essential, which differ for techies and nontechies.

2. The niche of the Website: Once the platform is chosen, the niche of the website is to be finalized. Niche means basically what type of website do we want to create.

3. Gather Information: After finalizing the niche, we need to gather information on that field, which includes the purpose of creating the website, the primary goals, and where and what all audiences to be targeted.

3. Sitemap: Then comes the Sitemap of the website, which will explain how each and every page of your website will be interlinked with each other.

4. Website Design: This part will cover the Page layout and entire website designing as visitor retention depends max on Website designing.

5. Content: As we all know, content is king, as it is the only way to communicate any information to the user, so make sure it should be unique as well as attractive and in steps.

6. Coding: It is preferred to hire some Website app development company for this coding part.

7. Testing & Launching: Here come the final steps where your website is almost ready to launch, and you only need to test the website for any kind of bug, then you may launch the website.

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Best Ways To Be A Skillful Web Developer

by ritujha7652 In reply to What are the best ways to ...

Finding the opportune spot to learn is similarly as significant as recognizing what abilities you need. Here is a rundown of abilities that are must-have while seeking after a profession in web development:

Front-End Development Skills

HTML and CSS: Hypertext Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheets are the most fundamental instruments you'll have to structure a website page. They are both markup dialects which means they are sets of codes that guide the manner in which content is displayed on a site page. You can locate the early on HTML and CSS courses here.

JavaScript (JS): JavaScript is a programming language. It directs how a PC, site or application performs explicit errands. JavaScript is one of the most significant aptitudes you'll require when figuring out how to turn into a web developer.

Back-End Development Skills

The back-finish of a site is comprised of an application, a server, and a database. A back-end developers responsibility is to get every one of the three to speak with one another as easily as could be expected under the circumstances. Here are a couple of the fundamental abilities that will help you on the most proficient method to turn into a web designer:

Python and Ruby: These are two of the most well known programming dialects for structure applications. Ruby is evaluated as tenth in the IEEE's Top Ten dialects list. Python is evaluated as number 1. A solid comprehension of one, or both, of these dialects, is the initial move towards a vocation in back-end improvement.

PHP and PHP Frameworks: PHP is another mainstream programming language and managers regularly search for engineers with experience utilizing it. PHP has loads of various systems that developers can use to make coding with PHP quicker and more straightforward.

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Web development

by UniqArtworkswl In reply to What are the best ways to ...

I think you should start by learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript. These are the basic things that are necessary. When you think you are capable enough to understand some basic challenges in coding then you must go for live projects. Many companies give opportunities to freshers persue their professional career.

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best ways to start Web Development?

by Pelvery In reply to What are the best ways to ...

1) You are to learn HTML and CSS (you can't avoid those
2) Choose a technology (PHP, Java, .NET, etc.)
3) Find a course about this technology
4) Learn. And If you have questions - go to a community to find the answer

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Best ways to start Web Development

by bracknelson In reply to best ways to start Web De ...

if you want to learn website development then you should start with the basics.
Then you should learn about the advanced things like PHP, Javascript. Because without PHP or javascript you can't add a function on the website.
After that, you should increase your designing skills.

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Web Development

by asthasage955 In reply to What are the best ways to ...

To start your web Development in the best ways, some of the tips are mentioned below check it out:
- First of all, you need to learn the basics, like HTML, CSS, and javascript.
- learn how to design, you can also use some basic tools to design
- Keep doing your own research and get inspired.
- Try to improve your Design skills.
-Make the use of free resources.
-Get a programming friendly text editor
-Don't stop learning, keep learning it over and over again.

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what are the best ways to start web development

by wenso.services In reply to What are the best ways to ...

Web Development learn that for building the front-end of the projects, and learn HTML, CSS which determine the presentation of a page and JavaScript that determines the function, For back end, the essentials were Node.js, SQL, MongoDB etc.

web developer, you would know that there are multiple technologies for web development— PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, .net , JavaScript and more

Font-end development: Where you work on building dynamic interfaces You must to know HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Bootstrap.

Back-end development: Where you work on making websites more functional.you need to know programming language like PHP, Ruby, Python, C#, etc and related frameworks.

Full-stack development: Where you work on both front-end and back-end. So you need to technologies used across both.

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