What are the biggest Cyber Threats?

By shrutis2878 ·
which are the biggest Cyber Threats and How can cyber attacks be prevented?

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types of cyber threats

by SFCable In reply to What are the biggest Cybe ...

Ransomware. This is a form of malware (malicious software) that attempts to encrypt (scramble) your data and then extort a ransom to release an unlock Computer virus.
Adware and spyware
Malware on Mobile Apps

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RE:- which are the biggest Cyber Threats

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What are the biggest Cybe ...

The attacks launched by States.

RE:- How can cyber attacks be prevented?

When a country throws it's full resources against anything they can not be stopped at the best they can be slowed down slightly so anything connected to the Internet is vunerable to having the Data Stolen or turned into a Weapon against it's original Owner.

Well not quite right if you never connect to the Internet or any other external connection to the computer in question other than someone phyiscally accessing the computer it is realitively safe but when a State is Involved with all the resources that they have available to them then the posibility of someone breaking in and access the data on a computer unattended is still a posibility.

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Cyber attacks on Us based bank sector and Health Care companies

by Mohan1122 In reply to RE:- which are the bigges ...

Most of hackers concentrating now a days on Healthcare and Bank data to get more income. Most of people aware of attacks through mobile and mail phishing techniques.

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Which are the top cyber security market?

by shrutis2878 In reply to What are the biggest Cybe ...

which are the top leading companies and top cybersecurity software markets?

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Cyber Threats

by palakbisht011 In reply to What are the biggest Cybe ...

1.Software update supply chain attack.
2.phishing attack

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Biggest Cyber Threats

by In reply to What are the biggest Cybe ...

1. Ransomware
2. Phishing
3. Third Party & Supply chain attack... etc

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NA it's State Sponsered Attacks

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Biggest Cyber Threats

We have a fighting chance against the Normal Threats we all encounter each and every day but we lack the resources and everything else that is required to stop a State Attacker. In many cases those same States engineer Laws that give them a Unfair Advantage like requiruing them access to a Back Door into things.

We have a chance against the criminals but no way to stop either the US or Chinese Governments from destroying our computer systems if it suits their requirments.

How would you prevent a Government who has mandated that they have access to a Back Door or software that makes a Back Door?

This is not something that the Crims have access to but something that these Governments do.

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Biggest Cyber Threat

by josephstalllone In reply to What are the biggest Cybe ...

Ransomeware and Phishing is the most common cyber threat so far and are known to be the biggest as well. These two threats are part of hacking since the past decade.

With time these threats have evolved and targeted multiple financial institutions and now the health sector as well

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Automated Threats

by lpizarro93 In reply to What are the biggest Cybe ...

With the majority of internet traffic being made up of bots, I'm predicting the biggest threats revolving around automated/bot attacks like Credential Stuffing attacks -

Simply put, you don't know what you don't know. Did you know bots make 90% of all login attempts? Any threat that could benefit from automation like brute force attacks, card cracking, data scraping, etc. is something to take very seriously.

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Attacks on Financial Organizations

by RonCloudGeek In reply to What are the biggest Cybe ...

Any organization related to finance are probably the biggest threats in today's date.
Every other day we get to hear in the news that some XYZ financial institution got compromised/hacked by some new trojan developed by some malicious hacker.
These threats and attacks are very real and cause severe damage to a company's reputation and business

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NA attacks on companies involved in Defence

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Attacks on Financial Orga ...

Are the biggest though you don't get to hear about them every day but the attacks do happen every day.

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