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What are the common signs of bios or motherboard problems?

By engr_jic ·
i have this issue about my friends pc, its a P4V something via chipset via vt8375
i cant see the bios, no display the monitor led doesnt turn green, i have built in video and audio. I haved tried putting up agp cards then i have tested each ddram. I am running out of solutions. Is this a bios problem or a chipset? I have also this dell inspiron LAN port problem the port led doesnt blink at all. i have checked the all network settings. i have checked the cable. tried re installing driver, all seems find, but only the port led doesnt blink and no LAN connection at all. PLS. anyone need advise......

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With integrated video and audio

by mjd420nova In reply to What are the common signs ...

When the audio and video as part of the system board, this does sound like a failure of the mother board. The video memory is shared with the RAM, so it could be the fault. The video GPU has to start first, unloading its own BIOS to the display and telling the CPU where to send the video. If no BIOS or display, the system board is at fault. The other problem could be the power supply, if it has no output you'd get the same result.

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2 questions, lots of checks

by w2ktechman In reply to What are the common signs ...

First problem. Does the system power turn on?
If not, it is probably a power supply
if so, does it stay on? If so, continue, If not the PS problem most likely.
Did you try flashing the BIOS? Try this, it may be a faulty bios
Did you try replacing the BIOS battery? Try this next, many quirky things can happen with a bad battery.
Next, if it is still not working, unplug everything that is not needed to boot up into the BIOS. Unplug all cd/dvd/hdd/floppy drives. Remove all except 1 RAM chip, remove alternate video/sound cards, and everything attached externally (except keyboard/mouse).

Does it boot to the BIOS? If not, try another RAM stick, replace the one there already, or try them in different slots.
If not, get a new MB and/or PS. If so, one of these components have failed/shorted out.

Second problem, Try an add in network card.

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