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    What are the cost of making a minimum viable product?


    by nultd ·


    The product is an AR game, that will require social media integration, also the visual style is Casual design, ideally content moderation would be Firebase admin panel and so would the backend.

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      Re: cost

      by kees_b ·

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      Make somewhat better specifications than you did here, and then ask a few reputed companies for an estimate.

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        by nultd ·

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        Apologises for the lack of clarity. It would be a geolocation, AR game similar to pokemon go or ingress prime.

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          Kees (again) is spot on.

          by rproffitt ·

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          Now off to companies to get some quotes.

          I take it that you mean by minimum viable product is that it won’t have all the data that is behind the behemoth that is pokemon go or others.

          Sometimes I get folk that want a minimum viable product but want such to be full scale. A discussion follows about what minimums they really wanted (and yes, it’s often that really wanted the final product!)

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          by nultd ·

          In reply to Kees (again) is spot on.

          I am not an expect in coding so I am not sure, but the app i have it mind would not have as many characters as pokemon go has so i don’t think will have need the same level of data.

          Where would you recommend I find a repute developer? Also what is the market price for a repute developer?

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          Small world as it is.

          by rproffitt ·

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          A good friend finds companies for development of systems, apps and more. His fees run in the mid 5 figures (USD or CDN) for him to deliver such a project. So that will get you a starting point on how much capital to raise for your project.

          Back to the minimums. Remember you are not the coder but apparently the person with an idea and as such have to raise capital for your app to be created. Did you create your pitch? That is, did you have sketches and maybe a demo video on what this might look like? Remember folk, we design before we code.

          As to the characters, for the minimum I’d go for two to start. There’s a lot of design work and pitching to be made before we expand to include what all that is in Pokemon Go. Go is a multi-million dollar project so I would be guessing you think such a system could be done for a few thousand.

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          Sorry I didn’t tackle your question head on.

          by rproffitt ·

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          The market price is not something set in stone. It changes with what you want. This is why you make the best specification you can and then ask for quotes.

          Be sure to get your NDA (by now you know what this is!) signed before you send in the specs.

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          Thanks for your help

          by nultd ·

          In reply to Sorry I didn’t tackle your question head on.

          No it’s fine, your answer has really helped me. My question was like asking “how long is a piece of string” so your answer has told me what I need to do next and has given me a ballpark figure.

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      by rockstarsb2018 ·

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      Cost of Making a Minimum Viable Product

      by mobiosolutions ·

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      The expense of building a minimum viable product will be zero in the event that you do it without anyone else’s help. Sounds great, yet doesn’t work in 99% of the cases. The pricing totally relies upon the intricacy of the application thought and the other critical variables. The minimum viable product cost is only one side of the coin; in any case, on-time conveyance is likewise a vital factor to mull over.

      The significance of picking a knowledgeable developer is likewise something critical to think about.

      A significant perspective to consider while assessing the expense of MVP application development is the labor. To put it along these lines, you can:

      (a) In-House Development
      (b) Outsource App Development Firm
      (c) Hand it over to a freelancer

      All three have a lot of interests and influence the complete expense of advancement. You should have every one of your prerequisites leaned to waitlist which choice to continue with.

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      MVP Cost

      by mobiosolutions ·

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      Through MVP, startup businesses can benefit a lot, and a major perk of creating it is the minimization of the cost of development. Determine whether you want your app to be an android, ios, hybrid or cross-platform app. The cost of building MVP is less compared to the actual product development cost, it does incur significant charges.

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