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By natepickle ·
I am considering retraining for an IT career but dont want the choice to be all about the most money How can I find out about all the diff. IT fields so I can at leastg get an idea?

Also how does one tell if they like a particular field, trying each would not get you anywhere.

What is the best way to go about getting training?

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To start...

by cmiller5400 In reply to WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT AR ...

What do you like about IT?


Windows, Linux, Mac?

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dont know

by natepickle In reply to To start...

never done any. when i say i am new i mean i am new. They all could interest me but i dont know anything about any of them. i am very analytical. Security might be good i just dont know anything about any of them.

Is there a site to read what is entailed with them?

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by santeewelding In reply to dont know
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by natepickle In reply to Arrow

how can i get the info?

Is repair, security, diagnostic the 3 main areas?

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Blurt's coffee all over keyboard

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Arrow
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by NotSoChiGuy In reply to WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT AR ... the answer to all three questions you asked.

Granted, that sets up a sort of paradox (how to know what to experience when you've had no experience, which hinders the ability to get experience), and all I can say to that is theoretical time travel presents less real-world paradoxical scenarios than does the typical IT career (i.e., a recruiter asking for 10 years experience in Windows 2008 Server).

You said you don't want to make the job switch solely about money. However, there are only a few reasons why people typically switch careers:
1). Love/Passion
2). Loads of experience--aptitude
3). Opportunity
4) $$$

Options 1 and 2 don't seem to be in play (otherwise, you'd probably have a better sense of which way to go). This leaves options 3 and 4. Setting aside #4 (per your post), I'll talk to option 3, opportunity.

If you want to know which IT fields lend themselves to the long term (and long term in IT is pretty much 6-12 months, bear in mind); do a little research. There are several threads on Tech Republic alone that speaks to what IT jobs are in demand or will be. Look at some companies in your area, and see what IT positions they're looking to fill.

Once you know what employers in your area (or an area to which you want to move) are looking for, and what position types project to be the most stable, you'll have the first step towards beginning the new career.

Finally, I will say that you're much more likely to succeed if you actually enjoy the endeavor you pursue. If you dislike confrontation and dealing with people help desk/desktop support will not be a good choice, for example.

Hope this helps, and best of luck!

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money is a consideration

by natepickle In reply to Experience...

so IT jobs only last 6 to 12 months? how the .... do you make a living?

If you were me how would you proceed?

I want a stable income with something i love to do. I dont know which field in IT I will like.

Where do you test the waters or do you take classes first?

What in general is the ( i dont know anything ) entry level position pay scale?

Do you just bounce from job to job or can you stay with one company, school, college for years?

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You're asking the wrong questions...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to money is a consideration

Start with these:
In general, what do you like to do? Are you creative, logical, mathematically inclined? Do you like physical work? Do you like people? Are you a loner or seriously social type?

What is your current level of knowledge in relation to computers, hardware, software, wires and cables and routers?
Do enjoy working with software or hardware or both? Do you enjoy fiddling with the various bits that keep a network functioning?

Can you do Windows and Unix and Linux and Mac?

If you can't answer any of these questions, you need desperately to go to school. Use your coursework to explore the answers to these questions. Keep a journal. I did not like this class because... This was the coolest class ever because...

Then go looking for work in IT.

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great thoughts

by natepickle In reply to You're asking the wrong q ...

Thank you. just a few more questions, where do these qualities breakdown as to what field:

In general, what do you like to do? Are you creative, logical, mathematically inclined? Do you like physical work? Do you like people? Are you a loner or seriously social type?

What type of school, traditional may be tough as i am married with 2 children

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well if your like me

by XnavyDK In reply to great thoughts

things just happen.

I consider myself to be pretty good with computers and fixing them.

I learned networking ( wires cables routers and switches) OJT and I enjoy that too

I learned Windows Networking since the Navy was doing it.

I enjoyed working on it and seems to fit.

Learn Learn LEARN. Enjoy

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