what are the DOS COMMANDS to see hidden active coonections?

By n_sin021 ·
Please tell me what are the
different DOS commands that displays the active open as well as hidden net connections.
What are the DOS commands that displays lists of different running(active)net enabled applications?

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Again, there are no DOS commands to do this

by robo_dev In reply to what are the DOS COMMAND ...

In Windows, there is a command-line application called netstat. Look into it.

I don't believe that there are hidden connections, only hidden interfaces. The netsh command can reveal hidden interfaces.

If you are sitting for an exam and asking this question, we are telling your teacher.

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Isnt it "netstat -a" that shows those {nt}

by Slayer_ In reply to Again, there are no DOS c ...
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Not too many DOS commands around anymore.

Only one I've used utilized WATTCP, called TCPINFO. Plus, in DOS, only 1 application can access the TCP stack at a, if you have Lynx 386 running and downloading a file, you can't "shell out" and start an IRC client, FTP etc. You can shell out and start another network client ONLY if the first is inactive. One of the limits of a single-tasking operating system.

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