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What are the practical and aplicable concepts of quantum physics ?

By aayush_18 ·
Quantum physics simply explains the quantization of any thing, i.e,that thing can't
exist independently due to its instability. It
occurs in packets or bundles. for example mass
is quantized because of short range force
between two quarks. nucleons and electrons
can't be broken due to this strong force.
Similarly the charge is quantized.

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Many new products

by mjd420nova In reply to What are the practical an ...

Understanding the atoms makeup is essential to making cleaner fuels and more efficient appliances. An example is the changes made to refrigerant used in air conditioning units and refrigerators/freezers. It was found that the older element used was destroting the ozone layer and the newer didn't have the same molecular makeup that allowed it to bond with and then broken up by the suns rays. Some of the newest advancements will make the manufacture of solar photovoltaic cells cheaper and more efficient. Other advances are in the realm of medicines and there are some very interesting developments being made in the concentration and reduction of nuclear waste. The more we understand, the better we'll be able to deal with problems that now produce wastes that are just being found to cause cancer. What other advances will be made depend upon finding answers to present problems and their application of new understandings to some outstanding faults that make some manufacturing processes dangerous and expensive.

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by Michael Jay In reply to Many new products

that makes so much sense to me, Not...
thanks for the Sunday nite laugh...

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you missed one important one, for IT at least

by Jaqui In reply to Many new products

There is serious research going on in Australlia on making computer cpus using subatomic particles.

They have managed to build a functioning cpu that is about 1/10 th the size of the current Intel / AMD products. with a single atom being a transistor.
[ Daily Planet episode aired this weekend had a bit on it. ]
The work is being done at the University of New South Wales.

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IBM started with one atom

by mjd420nova In reply to you missed one important ...

IBM did a lot of research into the one atom concept but had trouble getting a point small enough to pick up just one atom and place it on a substrate. They have since moved on to working with single molecules of doping materials to create single juctions and then move them to a substrate. Many if the dificulties resulted from the viewing devices used for manipulation as the electron microscopes were polluting the material and changing the molecules. The University of Santa Clara did a lot of research into using the electron beams from the microscopes to cut paths through different substrates and create the junctions as they went. This lead to the most recent advances in the sizes of the overall chip designs and sizes of the junctions themselves. This helped with reducing the power consumption too.

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from what

by Jaqui In reply to IBM started with one atom

I remember of the show, they are pushing the size as close as possible before the data is damaged by particle [hysics / waves. They built one that was affected, data curruption because of the oddities at that infinitesimal scale.

now thay are working on tuning it to be as small as possible without that effect.

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Current standard computer tech would be impossible without it

by seanferd In reply to Many new products

Quantum physics has enabled the design of many things for quite some time now. It isn't all that new, really, but it is being used more and more to design materials, products, processes, and the equipment which makes products.
edit: Ooh. <i>Hard drives.</i> Need I say more?

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Among other things

by TonytheTiger In reply to What are the practical an ...

Mastery would give a whole new meaning to the term "Micro-manage" ":)

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to What are the practical an ...

Waves or particles? Or both. Or neither. What about the other guy with the same question? Two places at once?
Wait, maybe it's just those pesky flashes.

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by jck In reply to What are the practical an ...

Did i miss something there? :^0

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Try NOT using the word you are definig IN THE DEFINITION

by larrie_jr In reply to What are the practical an ...

If one is requireing definition, it doesn't help to use the defining term in that definition...
"Milk is milky?"
This is a good example of what the guy may be looking for.

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