what are the rates for a man hour/man day/ man month?

By mghadge ·
Can any one tel me what are the rates for one man day, one man hour, or one man months, for software testing project and application development engagement.

It can me on any Territory's or geography?

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Way too many variables involved here to be able to answer this question

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to what are the rates for a ...

It all boils down to where the Testing is being done and how experienced the person/people doing the work are.

For instance a person/people fresh out of college are cheaper than a person who has years of experience.

Also someone in a out of the way place in a third world country is also cheaper than someone at the hub of Software Development though the need to be local isn't so important as a lot of this type of thing can be done remotely but then again it all depends on what is being asked of the people doing the work and what is being expected. If they need to feed back issues in Real Time they then really need to be in the same time zone as those developing the software and maybe even they need to be in the same building.


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Reponse To Answer

by mghadge In reply to Way too many variables in ...

well thats agreed but my question still remains unanswered.

I dont want an exact figure but i am looking for is a approximate figure .

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Well, here in the US, you're typically looking at $55-60 per hour

by robo_dev In reply to what are the rates for a ...

...for typical contract developers, and your QA people will cost around half that much, around $30-50 per hour.

There are large variances depending on what part of the country (e.g. Manhattan vs. Cleveland), and also if the experience levels are 1 year vs 20 years.

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