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What are the steps to?

By skrying ·
I would like to know from some of you veteran consultants about the steps to setting up a network into a business from scratch. I am referring to steps beginning from the "site survey" to the "everythings set up." What are the steps and how long does each step normally take (in general)?

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by philhbc In reply to What are the steps to?

im not a vetrin but ill give this a shoot.
im an IT student (computer forensics)
i would imagin that budgit would be an important factor.

a phisical topolagy would be a good start.
key factors:
desired network speed.
lenth of cable needed.

size of network (if its a small 10 or less computers, you could keep it cheap and simple with a small unit with XP pro.)
if you want to implament a NOS like server 2003 or a linux os, you are looking at most likely hiring a network adminestrator.
if you could specify more details on the size of the network that you are building, i could better help you.

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