What are the trade-offs in upgrading from MS Office 2003 to 2010?

By mijcar ·
All I've seen about this upgrade has been comparing functionality, features, appeal, etc.

I'm using Windows XP-SP3. I have 2 gig of RAM on a 1.73GHz Centrino laptop. This is barely sufficient to my needs in terms of speed and responsiveness.

So I need to know:
1. Will Office 2010 run faster, slower, or about the same as 2003 does on my machine?
2. Will the presence of Office 2010 slow down (compared to 2003) other applications on my machine even if 2010 is not open?
3. Will an open window of an Office 2010 application have more of less impact than 2003 on other applications in use when it is open in the background?
4. Are there any functionalities of Office 2003 that will be lost if I migrate to Office 2010?

And other questions of a similar ilk that you might think of.

Thank you

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Office 2010

by patb071 In reply to What are the trade-offs i ...

Personally i have seen slower response times for office 2010 beta then with office 2007. I would recommend creating an account through microsoft and download the office 2010 trial and you can see for yourself how you like it and if it works for you.

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Good idea to start with

by mijcar In reply to Office 2010

I will probably do that. Unfortunately, from past experience I have learned that I always seem to miss something when using a trial copy. But it will be a good way to start.

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tradeoffs - mainly the menu vs ribbon

by Ron_007 In reply to What are the trade-offs i ...

I've been using the 2010 beta since it was released (on Vista Business SP2).

Your PC is well above the minimum hardware requirements published by MS (granted, they are absurdly unusably low minimums)

- App load times seem slightly slower
- In the apps response time is about equivalent for me
- your machine should be adequate to running 2010
- I haven't noticed any significant impact on other apps
- 2010 Ribbon is more customizable than 2007 (which was effectively locked unless you wish to edit XML code), but still no where near as customizable as the 2003 menus (you may import customized menus into 2010)
- Some of the graphical tools like Wordart and charts provide different options. Generally new ones are added, but a few are lost. You can "recover" these "missing" functions by opening a 2007 or 2003 formatted file in "compatibility mode"

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