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What are you doing to prepare for Frankenstorm (Hurricane Sandy)?

By AV . ·
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Oh no, here we go again! Another freak storm wreaking havoc on a large part of the east coast almost a year to the day of the freak October snow storm of 2011 that hit NJ.

Well, last year I had no power for 5 days . No water, except what I had in water jugs and the bathtub, no sewer, no lights and limited internet access through a 56k modem and a landline phone. I had firewood to keep warm. I lost the entire contents of my refrigerator and freezer.

I thought I could just stay in a hotel somewhere, but every hotel for 50 miles, except some real fleabag places, was booked solid. This time, because of the size of the storm, I will likely not be able to find a place to stay, so I will be on my own.

If you are affected by the storm, what are you doing to prepare? Do you have any good tips or ideas for me? I think I may be toughing this one out at home.


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Well its nice to know at least we have some hurricane music

by AV . In reply to What are you doing to pre ...

We have our finger on the pulse of whats important here in NJ.

They forgot the link to last tune, but here it is.


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I live in a field, far away from water, so....

by Slayer_ In reply to What are you doing to pre ...

Probably sit around and play video games, same thing I always do :).

I do hope this doesn't cause any more disasters where people get hurt. Hurricanes seem to be getting worse every year.

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They do seem to be worse, with the emphasis on the seem - from what

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I live in a field, far aw ...

we know of past hurricanes and tornadoes etc they aren't any worse than before. It's just that we now know about them all instead of just the few that hit communities. Also, due to the expanding urban development and sprawl they're doing more dollar damage simply because there's more there for them to damage than there was before, along with more people in the areas they hit. Mind you we only really get damage reports on those that hit land where people live; we get next to nothing on those that stay out at sea.

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Well all I can suggest after living through a few cyclones here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What are you doing to pre ...

Is batten down the hatches bring in anything that can be blown away and enjoy.

Though I must admit that having a Internet connection even through dial up is a great advantage. Not something that I've ever had after a cyclone. :_|

Just remember that petrol generators can kill so don't run one in a closed room, I have seen some actually do it and then they wonder why they die.


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Bet the ones who run the generators in a closed room don't wonder

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Well all I can suggest af ...

why they die for long after dying! Maybe while they're dying.

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And in Tassi tomorrow

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Bet the ones who run the ...

Snow is expected down to 700 Metres.

Even for Tassi that's weird.


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I have my iPhone hotspot now too

by AV . In reply to Well all I can suggest af ...

So, I can use the phone and when my laptop runs out of power, I can use a dialup modem and my landline with one of my older laptops. They are not wi-fi enabled, they have modems. It pays to save old equipment sometimes.

I don't have a generator, unfortunately, but maybe its better so I don't kill myself. It would be very dangerous to run it here because of all the trees. Usually, I would just pack up and head to a hotel, but the storm we are getting is so big, there isn't anywhere for me to go within a reasonable driving distance, so I'll just have to rough it.

At least I'll have the internet for awhile.


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Well, if it's a snow storm again...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to What are you doing to pre ...

take advantage of nature's own refrigerator... Build some snow pits for your stuff. It might not be good enough for refreezing the stuff after power comes back on, but it will make the food keep long enough for you to eat it.
Another tip is that an outdoor grill works just fine in the winter too... Of course a lidded one is the best but they all get the job done. Lets you cook and boil water as long as the fuel lasts.

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Lots of canned goods

by PurpleSkys In reply to What are you doing to pre ...

Propane for the Bbq, handheld can opener, flashlights, batteries, candles, blankets, fill tub with water and have lots of bottled water, sandbags if you think they are needed, and a big prayer from us. Please stay safe.

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I spent most of the day preparing

by AV . In reply to What are you doing to pre ...

The stores are just mobbed here, but I managed to get extra batteries, and lots of canned goods. I even got firewood bundles, as that will be my only source of heat. I have some water, but will likely fill up all of my stock pots and whatever else I can find. Water is scarce in the stores.

Last time, I filled the bathtub and that came in real handy for flushing the toilet (we have a septic tank). When the power goes out, we don't have that either.

I'm going on a canned food diet once the power goes out. Sardines, tuna fish, canned chicken and the like. My stove is electric, so I can't cook anything. We have a gas grill with a burner, but being that we will be getting 10 inches of rain and have high winds, it might not be a good idea to be outside.

I guess its like camping in bad conditions.

I did set up my iPhone as a hotspot this afternoon. Verizon got me for $20, but its worth it. I also bought phone chargers for the iPhone for the car.

I really wish I had a way to heat things like hot water for coffee up though. The only thing I was able to get was a plug-in cup for my car. I'm hoping I can at least get it to warm up a cup of coffee in the morning. We'll see.


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