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What are your top IT business issues?

By jmottl ·
Hi Members!
We're hoping you'll provide your feedback and insight on a project to expand content and tools focused on business management skills.
Please tell us which business topic below is most vital to helping you in your job. Add any insight or suggestions relating to the type or topic of content and tools that you'd most likely use.

Personnel Management (i.e. quizzes to assess management skills/behavior, tools and articles on the following topics: hiring, staff evaluations and reviews, firing an employee).

Developing non-IT business skills: (i.e. accounting tools, financial insight on budgeting and cost control, aligning IT with business goals)

Staff Professional Development: (i.e. training, certification, educational opportunities)

Thanks again for all your help!

Judy Mottl
Senior Editor

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My IT - to - Business and Business - to - IT issues

by Mr_Happy2005 In reply to What are your top IT busi ...

Hello Everyone!

1. I'm looking for results from research that gives us averages of what companies annually spend on their IT departments, specifically network infrastructure, helpdesk, management & techs, PC's, servers, maintenance, s/w & h/w tools, etc. We do not do any programming. This can be expressed as a % of gross revenue, $ per user/employee, so I can relate it to our Chairman/CEO so he understands.
2. Where can I find quizzes to give to current & potential employees to rate their level of computer and application knowledge as a user, not a technician? We need a way to determine who needs training and in what areas do they need it. Obviously a scoring system has to be included so we can rank each employee.
3. I'm also searching for all the info I can find on the "how" and "why" of aligning IT with business and business with IT. I believe it must be a "two way street". Both sides must WANT to be aligned with the other otherwise problems will persist.

Thanks for your help! I appreciate it.


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Java Basics, Unix/Linux Basics, IPv6 Basics

by Xerxes612 In reply to What are your top IT busi ...

Get back to the Basics with NT (Not Microsoft)

The way I personally learn new technologys is to buy a product and play around. More often then not I spend weeks learning the basics before I can begin to play. Sometimes, before I learn the basics I lose interset. If feel if I was given a cheat sheet that included a background of the technology, basic concepts, some basic commands that could at least get you started, and even some sample excercises it would help allot.

Some of the new technologies I would like to see would be Java, Unix/Linux, IPv6.

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Developing non-IT business skills

by Judy62 In reply to What are your top IT busi ...

Current position, does not have budget guidelines or limits, however, I would like to be able to understanding all the jargon, when in a meeting where 'budget contraints' are discussed.

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