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What browsers are some of you using at the new TR site?

By wizard57m_cnet Moderator ·
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I've had little success with Opera 11.64 or 12.16, Internet Explorer 8 is shaky, IE10 only partially working. What browsers are some of you other "regulars" using? Oh, Dillo
doesn't work at scripting capability.

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ALL Browsers should work

by maxwell edison In reply to What browsers are some of ...

If ALL browsers don't work with a major Web site, the problem lies in the development and design of the Web site. End of story.

ALL - I repeat ALL - major browsers should work, especially on a Web site dedicated to IT professionals, run by IT professionals. This repeated issue with TechRepublic - which browsers work, which ones don't - should be an embarrassment to them.

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We got both kinds of music...Country AND Western

by robo_dev In reply to ALL Browsers should work

So TR works with IE AND IE.

Chrome works great, you just cannot see the navigation menu at the top, and Firefox works like a champ, if you don't mind waiting over a minute for each page to load and get a 'page not found' error when trying to post a reply.

Oh, and the Captchas do seem to fail even when I enter them correctly. Almost like they are timing out or something.

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Perfect Country and Western, you say?

by maxwell edison In reply to We got both kinds of musi ...

Well done, robo_dev. You've pulled off something others could not - you posted a reply! And a fine reply it was, I might add.

You asked for it:

By the way, when the CAPTCHA is missing, and you're using IE, try changing the compatibility mode.

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