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What Call Center Are You Running?

By TomSal ·
Just a simple question..What call center package do you run at your company? And would you suggest it for a 150 user environment? Whether you would or you would not, please let me know the reasons.


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Several options

by Oz_Media In reply to What Call Center Are You ...

Well I don't run a call center anymroe but I have designed and configured several 200+ seat centers as well as performing call center quality control for the CRTC (Canada's FCC). One of the main functions was to ensure that proper trunking was being used by call centers and nobody was over dialling numbers (creating a mass of people answering phones to no caller).

The best system I've seen used is a predictive dialler (Davox Unison) that runs through a Nortel Option 1 or 11 PBX. Now the Nortel Option's are MASSIVE cabs that you will need to forklift in and out but other smaller PBX's will suffice, SOME high end key systems will work but will probably have more than a desireable delay before the screen pop appears. The predictive dialler was the main ingredient and the Davox was awesome.

With Davox:
As a moderator/supervisor you will see an icon of every person logged in. Icons will be different colors to indicate whether the user is on a call, on standby or entering/updating data. This is excellent for determining call flow and how many trunks to dial per user to ensure everyone is always online and not waiting for calls as well as customers not getting called and having nobody on the other end, which I am sure you have received on your own phone more than once due to companies using BS software dialers and cheapo hardware.

Another benefit is that you can click a users icon on your screen and monitor the call, talk over the call and coach the rep without the customer hearing you (your reps will find this hard at first but will rely on your help in no time), or simply tap in if the customer wants a supervisor and take over the call.

A completely different way to go is get a database of any sort, Act, Access, Maximizer, Goldmine or whatever and simply use a PC dialler to double click phone numbers and place the calls. You will need simple TAPI adapters at the handsets and it is pretty Mickey Mouse but cheapo.

Still another way, most popular for in/out centers without the Davox $$ to spend, is to upgrade your telephone system to receive telephony popups from your database (inbound) and allow the database to secure and call on an outside line by double clicking the phone numbers. This is inherent in many of the high end Auto Attendants.
NOTE: Almost ALL telephone vendors claim their systems will give screen pops, out of the several dozen I've worked with, I've only seen two maybe three that offer screen pops with no or very little delay. I have seen some systems, Panasonic and Mitel take 30+ seconds to pop the info on screen. Nortel was fastest, NEC was second and Toshiba hung in with maybe a two or three second delay.

You have many options and your question was very vague as there are MANY MANY types of callcenter apps and solutions depending on the style of calling, the systems being used and money available. You can go baer bones basic with TAPI and software diallers. You can go high end with a PBX and predictive dialler.

Your needs and calling format, in/out requirements, database type, phone system, number of calls being made, cost per seat etc., size of call list etc. all has to be taken into account in order to properly asses your needs. These things are far from black and white, what works for one company may sink another.


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More Questions...

by acontreras In reply to Several options

We have an Avaya Definity Switch R2.0 with both digital sets and doing voIP to 5 remote sites.

Does anyone know what the best predictive dialers are out there that would integrate with Avaya? Any that will also do IVR?

Please advise.

Abe Contreras

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