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What can be done with dozens of used printers ?

By knowledgebased ·
Obviously, they can't be thrown in the garbage; and since they're still perfectly good machines, recycling might not be the best option.
Donating to non-profit organizations is one possibility.
Are there any businesses out there that would pickup the machines and/or purchase them?

These machines vary in age from old HP printers with parallel connections to recently purchased Dell multifunction machines. Inkjets range from photoquality multifunctions to much older parallel connections. There could be as many as 50+ devices. All are fully functional and currently in use. I'm located in Central Texas.

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Donating to non-profit organizations is one possibility.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to What can be done with doz ...

And an excellent possibility at that. I happen to know that there are a lot of very small non-profits out here that are extremely strapped for cash. They could operate much more efficiently if they had working technology - printers, copiers, computers - but they don't have the funds to purchase, much less keep up to date.

You/your company gets a tax deduction, and any number of the little guys in the not-for-profit venue get much needed equipment.

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Check with local school boards

by mjd420nova In reply to What can be done with doz ...

Many school boards hold fund raisers and collect items for re-use and recycle. Some non-profit organizations refurbish units for resale too.

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more details?

by knowledgebased In reply to Check with local school b ...

Based on any one of the descriptions I provided previously, about how much of a deduction can I expect per machine?

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Value of your deduction

by tmdaviss In reply to more details?

When you donote any technology to a non-profit you should expect them to supply a letter of acknowledgement stating the item(s) and condition of said item(s). The value of the item(s) is then up to the donator, based on the equity status on the company books.

If the item was expensed at time of purchase then the donation is likely to be valued at going market rate (like a house estimate). Look on eBay or a sales site for same item and condition and use that as a comparable.

If an item was expensed over time, then your accountants already have a final value for you to use.

These are answers based on my personal experience. Just remember the IRS is an organization unto itself...

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Tried putting them up on Craig's List for free?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to What can be done with doz ...

I moved an old serial plotter and some VT-320 terminals and CRT monitors that way. I was more interested in getting rid of them than getting money for them, so I gave them away.

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