what can cause a laptop Azus X51RL to power off?

By bernleon ·
This is due after the live update of it's Bios?

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Why did you update the BIOS? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to what can cause a laptop A ...

What were the circumstances that made the BIOS update necessary?

What do you mean by "live update"?

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Didn't read the Destructions from ASUS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to what can cause a laptop A ...

About updating the BIOS did you?

After you run the BIOS Update from within Windows you need to restart the unit enter the BIOS and reset the settings. After this is finished you need to Save Changes as you exit the BIOS before the system will work again.

Normally this involves setting the Date & Time and then selecting Install Performance Defaults but depending on your individual settings before the Update you may need to do more. But you may need to change the CPU Restart Temps here to prevent he system restarting before it gets hot enough.

Probably the most important thing is what made a BIOS Update necessary? You should only do things like this when you have a Hardware Problem that can be fixed by changing the BIOS.


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